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Attracting Better Opportunities through a Full-Funnel Marketing Strategy

A full-funnel marketing strategy is an approach to marketing that focuses on moving potential customers through the various stages of the customer journey, from awareness to consideration to conversion. The goal is to ultimately convert potential customers into paying customers by providing them with relevant and valuable information and experiences throughout their journey.

Too often we hear current and prospective clients talk about using their marketing approach only as it relates to conversion. They skip right over the first two most critical phases believing they’ve already built awareness and consideration. Most often, we demonstrate that may not be the case.


The first stage of the funnel is awareness. This stage aims to make potential customers aware of your brand, products, or services and to generate interest and curiosity. Tactics used in this stage include content marketing, social media marketing, and advertising, aiming to ensure that your target audience is aware of your offerings and understands their value.


The second stage is consideration, where potential customers evaluate their options and research different products or services that can solve their problems or meet their needs. Demand generation actions such as lead magnets, webinars, and landing pages capture contact information from potential customers, allowing for more targeted and personalized follow-up.


The final stage is conversion, where the goal is to convert potential customers into paying customers. Email marketing, account-based selling, and retargeting are ways to nurture leads and close deals. Aligning messaging and content to the specific stage of the potential customer’s funnel and the right marketing tactics and channels is essential.

Throughout the funnel, tracking and analyzing customer behavior and adjusting strategies and tactics ensures ongoing optimization. By following a full-funnel marketing strategy, companies can effectively guide potential customers through their journey, increasing the chances of conversion and driving revenue.


Delight enters a full-funnel marketing strategy at the post-conversion stage. This stage focuses on building solid relationships with customers and ensuring their continued loyalty and satisfaction with the brand. 

Exceptional customer service, personalized follow-ups, exclusive insight, and rewards programs are ways to ensure delight.

A business can increase customer retention, encourage word-of-mouth marketing, and foster long-term relationships by delighting customers. Additionally, by collecting feedback from delighted customers, companies identify areas for improvement and optimize their full-funnel marketing strategy for even better results.


Let’s consider how to use LinkedIn in each stage of the full-funnel marketing approach.

LinkedIn is ideal for building brand awareness through content marketing, social selling, and targeted advertising. We advise our clients to use LinkedIn to review their company presence, connect with potential customers and share thought leadership content to build their reputation as industry experts. Our customary approach is leveraging LinkedIn’s Sales Navigator tool not the Basic or Premium Business for your full-funnel marketing approach.

In the consideration stage, we recommend LinkedIn for continued awareness and demand generation by creating a relevant and credible personal brand and reaching out to potential customers using a personalized approach. Some clients should use LinkedIn’s lead gen forms and other tools to gather contact information from potential customers and nurture them toward conversion.

Finally, in the conversion stage, we recommend account-based marketing techniques and emphasize the importance of using data and insights from LinkedIn to tailor your approach and drive results.

My team and I stress the importance of using LinkedIn as a vital component of a full-funnel marketing strategy to reach, engage, and convert potential customers.

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