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Create a Better LinkedIn Company Page and Start Marketing Confidently

“What’s the point of a LinkedIn company Page?”

“It doesn’t really do anything.”

“My marketing agency told us we need to run ad campaigns, but it seems so expensive and complicated.”

“What’s the best campaign to run? How much do I need to spend?”

These are common questions and comments from leaders, marketers, and recruiters. 

I have always said that at some point, LinkedIn is a team sport, which is particularly true regarding how you show up as a company or organization and gain traction through your company Page.

While most people go to LinkedIn to learn about an individual, there are several takeaways from company Pages. In less than a minute, I can glean the following:

  • How many employees are associated with your company from the number of people shown and the headcount number.
  • An understanding of your culture or not.
  • Your content strategy and level of engagement. 
  • If you are hiring and specific jobs.
  • Your services. 
  • The average tenure of your employees. 
  • Life at your company via the Life tab. 
  • A quick link to your website. 

Of course, if your company Page is not complete or up-to-date, I may not be able to gather much information about your company. A lack of attention to your company Page also tells me something about your company. 

There are several ways to optimize your company Page before you consider running marketing campaigns. Walk before you run. 

If you haven’t built a LinkedIn strategy and thought about how your leadership team and employees look, you’re probably getting ahead of your skies.

I recently noticed that one of our clients added a Life tab and did a thorough and thoughtful job building it out. However, the people they chose to showcase on this tab did not have profiles reflecting the corporate standard we helped them establish. As soon as we mentioned it to them, those were the next group of profiles to be completed. 

Walk before you run. 

Here are 7 suggestions to maximize your LinkedIn company Page and start paid marketing confidently. 

  • What are your main objectives for your LinkedIn company Page?
    • Brand awareness
    • Lead generation
    • Building community
    • Introducing new products and services
    • Talent acquisition and retention
    • Conveying culture
    • Showcasing industry + thought leadership 

  • Have you developed a LinkedIn strategy for your organization?
    • Who is responsible for crafting the strategy?
    • Who is responsible for implementing the strategy?

  • Who is your ideal company Page audience?
    • Candidates
    • Customers/clients
    • Investors
    • Members

  • What does this audience need to know to engage with you?

  • Review how your organization currently shows up on LinkedIn.
    • Does your logo show up, or is it too small to make a strong impression?
    • Do you have a compelling hero image?
    • Are you linking to your website?
    • Is the About section built out and up to date?
      • Does it include your company’s mission, vision, and values?
      • The type of persona you intend to reach.
      • Your products or services.

  • How do your posts look, and what kind of engagement are you seeing?
    • What is the type of post?
    • How often are you posting?
    • What is the visual identity?
    • What is the tone?

  • How do your posts look, and what kind of engagement are you seeing?
    • What is the type of post?
    • How often are you posting?
    • What is the visual identity?
    • What is the tone?
    • How are you measuring success?
  • What actions need to be taken to correct what is missing?

  • Who will ensure corrections and updates are made now and in the future?

The way you show up organically will translate directly to the results you see on LinkedIn. Evaluate how you show up before you invest in paid products so you are able to maximize your results and reach your business and career initiatives.

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