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Three Reasons Sales Navigator is the Most Versatile LinkedIn Product

Did you catch our latest video walkthrough?

In this week’s walkthrough on YouTube, Jim covers three main reasons why Sales Navigator is the most versatile LinkedIn product— dynamic data, usable across all lines of business, and the ability to streamline within the platform.

The first reason why Sales Navigator is the most versatile is the dynamic data that is available regularly through the platform. By using third-party tools and CRMs, as soon as data is pulled it becomes stagnant and can quickly become outdated. Sales Navigator is constantly updating based on what the actual prospect or candidate is doing.

By saving leads in Sales Navigator, users are able to follow them and see if they change positions, move companies, post updates, and more. This saves all teams time and energy tracking leads and ensuring they’re still a good fit for your business initiatives.

The second reason is that it can be leveraged across all different lines of business, including sales, marketing, recruiting, and new partnerships. Sales Navigator offers different plans that are compatible with both individuals and teams. For example, Sales Navigator Advanced allows companies to sync business initiatives, communicate, share content and track engagement, and build a strategy.

Lastly, the third reason is the basic ways you are able to streamline your business initiatives within Sales Navigator. Through account mapping, lead lists and saved leads, and the unique homepage, users are able to track prospects and candidates and get real-time alerts, including company changes when a company has added or lost an employee, company updates that have been posted, when a prospect has changed positions and more.

Sales Navigator can be utilized to fit almost any business initiative and, when used properly, can be optimized for all aspects of business strategy. If you want to learn more about how you and your organization could implement Sales Navigator, reach out to us.

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