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At Intero Advisory, we believe in maximizing your online individual and corporate brand, community, and activity. Why? We know these are the elements that make a difference in your business and career initiatives. Our focus is business, and so, LinkedIn is where we begin.

Since 2011, we’ve trained, coached, consulted, and worked with tens of thousands of business professionals and more than 700 companies across North America and worldwide. 

From profile development, 1:1 coaching, virtual interactive group training, to ongoing LinkedIn management for lead and talent generation, our It’s Business, Not Social™ method puts our clients ahead of their competitors and peers. 

Our clients range from global companies to small and mid-sized, and, yes, individuals. They all have something in common; they are looking for a better way to build their business and career.

The Leader in LinkedIn Branding, Sales, and Recruiting Enablement

Colleen McKenna Principal Intero Advisory

Colleen McKenna


Sydney Cusick

Director Client Strategy

Jim Cusick Director of Digital Enablement

Jim Cusick

Director of Digital Enablement

Liza Slavin

Liza Slavin

LinkedIn Strategist + Coach

Meredith Cusick

Meredith Cusick

LinkedIn Strategist + Coach

Matt Culloty

Matt Culloty

Director of Technology

Sarah Bentley

Sarah Bentley

Marketing Specialist

Why Intero?

Our philosophy and deep expertise set us apart. We forgo the buzzwords and center ourselves on a strategy and how-to that is actionable, practical, and powerful. Our clients appreciate our hands-on approach, transparency, and metrics.

Intero Advisory Licensed Partner

Meet Our Licensed Partners ...

Ken Kilday licensed partner Intero

Ken Kilday, RCC®, CFP®

We’ve launched our Intero Advisory Licensed Partner program to meet demand and create new opportunities for individuals and businesses looking to expand their current offerings.

If you want to join a business that focuses on client success and delivers exceptional work, check out our Licensing page and consider talking with us.

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