A Little About Us

Colleen McKenna

Colleen McKenna

Founder, Principal

Colleen isn't just an expert on LinkedIn for branding and sales - she's a… Read More
Liza Slavin

Liza Slavin

LinkedIn Coach + Partnerships Lead

Liza joined Intero Advisory in 2016 and has led over 100 client engagements… Read More

A bit more about us

At Intero Advisory, we believe every business needs to focus on building a better network. Our methodology, 'It's Business, Not Social™,' serves as the foundation for all our services.

We're your go-to LinkedIn experts, crafting strategies to deliver the desired outcomes. Our services are not one-size-fits-all; they are customized to your business's needs, with hands-on implementation.


Here's what our partnership involves:

  • Benchmarking: We kickstart our journey with an assessment using our proprietary Intero Insight analysis to evaluate your network, performance, and activity.


  • Boosted Productivity and Effectiveness: We refine your LinkedIn strategies for optimal results.


  • Guided Education: Achieving LinkedIn success requires change management. We unify your team on the power of LinkedIn, improving knowledge for enduring success.


  • Tailored Strategy: Every business is different, and so are our strategies. We team up with you to devise a playbook that fits your goals and needs.


  • Measurable Insights: At Intero, we value tangible success. Using our benchmark and revisiting Intero Insight, you can track your LinkedIn progress in real numbers.

Interested in Talking?

We're happy to talk if you are serious about building your LinkedIn initiative. We love to meet new. people, add them to our network and work together to optimize business success.

Click below to arrange a call - by the way, check out our services to ensure we're a good fit for you.

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