Intero Insight

A deep understanding of your professional network is critical to unlocking its value. Strategic analysis reveals opportunities for progress. 

Your Intero Insight Report + Dashboard transforms how you engage and grow your professional network for better business performance. Pricing starts at $350 per network. Learn more. 

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Strategy + Playbook

Craft your LinkedIn strategy with a focus on business growth and leadership branding. Our services are designed for CEOs and business owners who want to leverage LinkedIn for corporate branding, business development, and establishing industry thought leadership.

Pricing starts at $5000 and is based on a final scope of work. 




Maximize your sales and marketing efforts with our specialized LinkedIn training and coaching. 

Training is hands-on, tailored, and interactive. Our It’s Business, Not Social™ approach aligns your strategy with our best practices and the in-depth insight we have gained from training tens of thousands of professionals since 2011. 

The best outcomes occur when training is reinforced with ongoing working sessions. It’s when the work gets done, and progress happens.

Pricing starts at $3000 for a 2-hour interactive workshop. Various options, both standalone and bundled, are offered. 

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Profile + Company Page Development/Enhancement

The best LinkedIn profiles drive engagement, showcase key messages, and are optimized with keywords - remember, LinkedIn is a search engine. 

Enhance your LinkedIn profile and your executive presence in the job market to stand out. We provide tailored guidance for executives and job seekers to effectively reflect their expertise, accomplishments, and career aspirations on LinkedIn.

Prices start at $900 for an interview, profile, and collaborative posting.  

Branding Kits start at $2500 and include multiple components.

Intero Premium - Ongoing Engagement


Intero Premium - Ongoing

Providing tailored insight, education, and guided consultation, we develop and collaborate with you to ensure momentum and long-term outcomes.

Intero Premium includes strategy, profile development/enhancement, training, ongoing live working sessions, and content. 

Pricing starts at $1200 monthly plus other necessary one-time services, i.e., profile development, Intero Insight, and company Page development. 

Intero Premium Plus provides ongoing insight and intelligence briefs, the best path to a potential buyer, and strategies to spark the next steps. This is designed to ensure consistent prospecting for our clients who do not have the bandwidth or resources. 

Pricing starts at $ 3,000 monthly plus other necessary one-time services, i.e., profile development, Intero Insight, and company Page development, and is based on a final scope of work. 

Our Premise.

Intero Advisory’s approach is based on our It’s Business, Not Social™ method — develop your personal brand, nurture and expand your current network, engage with insights, spark conversations, and build critical relationships.

We believe in a personalized, authentic approach to LinkedIn. While we believe in using tools that enable us to be more effective and efficient, spamming people on LinkedIn using automation tools is not among them. 

If you have reviewed our services and are interested in discussing your LinkedIn initiative and our services, please arrange a call below or download our Services and Pricing Overview. 

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