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Everyone on your team should be directly or indirectly influential in attracting new team members, new business, or engaging clients.

That sentence should be the cornerstone of your LinkedIn strategy.

Presence. People. Participation.

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80% of B2B sales interactions between suppliers and buyers are predicted to take place in digital channels by 2025.




Source: The Future of Commerce


Rather than random acts and heading down another rabbit hole, consider a focused path forward this year. Start small and gain traction, one step at a time.

Take the time to add some strategy to your efforts on this platform. Remember, hope is not a strategy.

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More than three-quarters of sales professionals report that 10% or more of their company revenue comes from upselling, and 68% say the same for cross-selling. One in four sales leaders identified their main goal for 2023 as upselling or cross-selling existing customers. 

Source: Hubspot


Our Premise.

Intero Advisory’s approach is based on our It’s Business, Not Social™ method — develop your personal brand, nurture and expand your current network, engage with insights, spark conversations, and build critical relationships.

We believe in a personalized, authentic approach to LinkedIn. While we believe in using tools that enable us to be more effective and efficient, spamming people on LinkedIn using automation tools is not among them. 

If you have reviewed our services and are interested in discussing your LinkedIn initiative and our services, please arrange a call below or download our Services and Pricing Overview. 

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