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New Sales Navigator Update: Individual Profile View

Did you catch this week’s video walkthrough?

This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube covers new updates and changes Sales Navigator has made when viewing an individual’s profile. The walkthrough highlights a myriad of new updates and additions users will see when viewing an individual’s profile in Sales Navigator and how they can add value to their overall Sales Navigator experience. These updates include a new layout including an individual’s background image on LinkedIn, current and previous experience at the top of the page without having to scroll, and adds the ability to search the individual on Bing and see their profile on

Two additions that will enhance the Sales Navigator experience for members are the Relationship section and the “Get introduced” section.

The Relationship section highlights the recent activity of the individual whose profile you are viewing and what you share in common with them. This addition makes it simpler to start a relationship and personalize a connection request. As we know from our best practices, utilizing this information when reaching out will increase your chances of getting a response and taking the conversation to the next step.

The second addition is the “Get introduced” section, which shows all of the different pathways in which you can ask for an introduction to an individual based on shared connections, shared work experience, and shared education. This section showcases names and profiles based on what you have in common, allows you to search right on the individual’s profile, and ask for an introduction directly from the section.

These new features and layout enhancements improve the prospecting experience overall, making it simpler for users to see if potential leads are active on LinkedIn and allowing them to reach out in a personalized and conversational manner. Be sure to watch our video walkthrough for a full breakdown of the new update and how these features can be best utilized.

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