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Employee Advocacy Recap: Encourage Employees to Stand Out

Throughout the month of April, the Intero team created content focusing on the topic of employee advocacy and covered new features on LinkedIn that are changing the user experience. The way organizations and their people show up on LinkedIn is a direct representation of the culture of the company, and it’s an opportunity for companies to create a well-branded, thoughtful, and strategic presence. 

The more employers encourage and promote employees to build their personal brand, the more opportunities are unlocked for organizations on LinkedIn. Check out this recap from Sarah to hear the key takeaways for the month, tips, actions, and observations that will help you as an individual and/or company enhance your digital presence and showcase your employees as experts.

TAKEAWAY: Recognize that each employee represents your brand, and in a remote, digital world— showing up to stand out is business-critical. 

TIP: Invest in your employees’ LinkedIn profiles to showcase their experience, career highlights, current responsibilities, role, and value to your organization, but don’t stop with their profiles. Provide them with training and coaching to know how to best use LinkedIn for their particular role. The leadership team, recruiters, business development, and sales need to be LinkedIn confident, efficient, and effective. 


Respect and trust that your employees use LinkedIn sensibly and in your best interests. 

Give employees inspired, exciting content they can share. 

OBSERVATION: Companies of all sizes can drive greater benefit by showing up well, partnering with those they know who have carefully considered their brand, and by building strategic networks.

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