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Purchase Now: It’s Business, Not Social™

From the Author: Over the years, people have suggested that I write a book.

My answer was always the same, “No way.” 

How would I possibly fit that in?  So many of my colleagues published books about using LinkedIn and quickly found their book out of date because LinkedIn launched an update or added or deleted a feature or two.

That would make me crazy. So, I kept writing blog posts.

This year my friend Dean Minuto said, “Write the damn book, C-Mack. It’s a pandemic, you have time.” and then our consultant, Des McCabe said, “You need a book.”

No one says I’m not coachable. I wrote the book amidst a pandemic, planning my daughter’s wedding, losing our beloved dog and companion, and just the stuff of life. It allowed me to process my thoughts in a new way, curate and synthesize all those blog posts that I’ve written over the years, and focus our plan for the balance of 2020 and beyond.

The book, launching in early November, is an element of a larger launch for Intero Advisory. I’ll save that for our next post.

With a proven business concept, repeatable process, the ability to consistently drive and deliver results, we’re now ready to expand who we are and how we deliver on our mission; equip people to advance their business and career initiatives. 

Ahh, first the book. Take it from here, team.

The Intero Advisory team is excited to announce the upcoming book release of It’s Business, Not Social,  written by Colleen McKenna, our Principal and Founder.

Colleen started Intero almost 10 years ago, with a nugget of an idea and her family’s support to branch out and take a risk. Colleen was an early adopter of LinkedIn, and knew that it would be a game changer for professionals. This was her niche. 

Since her launch in 2011, both virtually and in-person, through hundreds of blog posts, and a mastery site, Colleen and her team have shared their expertise with thousands of professionals worldwide, equipping them to advance their careers and business initiatives. 

Now, eager to help even more professionals further their career initiatives, Colleen has written It’s Business, Not Social: Elevating your online professional presence, building community, and engaging with intention. 

It’s Business, Not Socialis for business professionals to understand how to invest in themselves. It combines strategy, tactics, best practices, and real-world examples to provide you with a framework to study and apply, regardless of your business initiative. 

In an ever-changing global economy, your future may depend on you taking action. Your career is yours to shape whether you are an entrepreneur, emerging professional, or leading in an enterprise level organization.

Business professionals worldwide need to pay close attention to how they craft their reputation and personal brand. They need an engaged community of peers, influencers, decision makers, and mentors to create new opportunities. And they need to engage purposefully to stand out. Woven together, your brand, community, and voice expand your credibility, career, and business opportunities. 

This book will provide you with how Colleen trains and teaches, and it provides her vision on how her clients can themselves succeed on LinkedIn. Now, with this book, you hold the key to your success on LinkedIn.

We are so excited to share this book with you. Buy your copy here!