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How to Build or Expand Your Business in 2021

Things are always changing.

I thrive on ideas, learning, and some great dark chocolate. I love to bring the best ones to fruition. Sometimes it feels like too much is spinning and then I realize that it’s what I loved about how we’ve built our business. It wasn’t always straightforward and it wasn’t always intentional. There were mistakes, great wins, and plenty of late nights. Well, there are still plenty of late nights. 

My brain, probably just like yours, has stretched and processed more in 2020 than anyone of us could have ever imagined. The stories, circumstances, and conversations often leave my head swirling with thoughts and next steps. The calls, messages, and texts encourage me and give me pause. Businesses closing, expanding, slowing down, and trying to hold on. People at the top of their profession without work or furloughed with no communication and unsure of their path ahead. 

Last week, we announced that I’ll be publishing a book, It’s Business, Not Social™. It’s off to the editors and we will be published in early November. While that in itself is a project not for the faint of heart, we aren’t stopping there. We have a unique perspective and talk with so many people worldwide about their career aspirations, recruiting, sales, and marketing efforts. We’ve heard from people who no longer have the ability to do business as usual and need to acquire skills that support a new way of doing business.

Due to the opportunity and the demand, launching a Licensing Partner program only makes sense, and ultimately helps others support their career and business goals.

We are looking to bring on people who want to join our leading global community that equips people to advance their clients’ career and business initiatives. We see the chance to build a community that helps people collaborate at the highest level and builds bridges not barriers, opportunities not obstacles. 

Every day we talk with business owners, coaches, trainers, and marketers who want to add greater value to their clients. They want to also increase revenue and service offerings. The question is how to do that quickly with the least amount of risk. These conversations usually turn to talk of a “partnership model” in some form or another.

Over the last few months as I reflected on these conversations with the sales trainer in search of deep LinkedIn expertise, or the executive coach whose clients need help with generating revenue since they can’t travel, or the marketing professional who recently lost their job and has decided to start their own consultancy, I realized we could create a new kind of opportunity for people who want to help others advance their business and careers in a flexible way with built-in support, insight, and expertise. 

With that my team and I began to shape our Licensing Partner program with Des McCabe, our Licensing Consultant. Since we didn’t know what we didn’t know, working with Des ensured we were thoughtful, deliberate, and on point. His help has proved invaluable. (Thank you, Des.)

The idea is to bring Licensed Partners together so that they have a community that supports their efforts and are able to provide their clients with world-class services in a variety of areas including career and executive coaching, sales training, recruiting, marketing, content development, and more. We will train our Licensed Partners to train and coach using our It’s Business, Not Social™ method, provide them with ongoing training, support, and additional services that we or other Licensed Partners can deliver. We see this as a collaborative, not competitive, community of high-contributors who are committed to their client’s success. 

We’ve seen the power of this with our in:side membership community and how members who join our group coaching calls are networking, introducing, and supporting one another. It’s a positive place to learn, connect, and be held accountable in times that are uncertain.

I believe that within uncertainty there are people looking to work in new ways, own their own piece of their professional world, expand on their expertise, and build or expand a business with a proven method, a support system, and a worldwide network of leaders, visionaries, and early adopters. 

If you know someone who is looking for an opportunity or you’d like to have a conversation, let us know. Head over to our site, download our Information Package, learn more, and apply if you’d like to join our Intero Advisory community.

I believe in the potential of people. I believe in people’s potential to build a variety of communities, pursue their passion, support their personal vision, family, and values. Don’t you?


Moving ahead, our blog schedule will change to bi-weekly with different types of content that we believe will keep you thinking as you continue to build your personal brand, network, and outcomes more successfully.

Don’t forget one of the best ways to get all of our content and week group coaching is to join in:side, our membership site.