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Over the last few weeks, you’ve had the chance to get to know our team. Knowing something about others sparks conversation and creates a human connection. We are more than LinkedIn profiles; we are people curious and interested in building bridges and meaning.

When Intero Advisory launched in January 2011, I wasn’t thinking about employees or where we’d be in three to five years. Rather, I thought about how to build a small business that would enable me to do the work I loved and support our family. Through the years, several people would contribute to Intero, each teaching me something important. Every day Erin, Sydney, Charlotte, Liza, Sarah, Matt and Jameison along with our supporting cast of highly skilled outsourced specialists show up with one goal in mind, to help others to reach their branding, business development or recruiting objectives.  

Where is your hometown? Buffalo, New York, a place I still consider home and love. It’s a city filled with great people, architecture, and food (pizza, Buffalo Chicken Wings, Ted’s Hot Dogs, Beef on Weck, Anderson’s Soft Serve Ice Cream).

What are you currently working on at Intero Advisory? It’s my goal to provide each member of our team with a platform to do great work, encourage others and expand their horizons as well as continue to be the person testing what’s next for us. Today that includes launching in:side, Your LinkedIn Mastery Program.

How would you explain your job to a child? We help people become superheroes so they can make their world better.

If you could redesign the food pyramid without any health restrictions, what would it look like?

  • Bottom: all kinds of veggies, raw and sauteed in my favorite Temecula Oil Company Fresh Lime Olive Oil
  • 2nd from bottom: green salad filled with veggies, a fruit or two and pumpkin seeds tossed with Temecula Oil Companies Fresh Lime Olive Oil and Crisp Apple Vinegar
  • 3rd from bottom: chocolate
  • 4th from bottom: chicken, salmon, crab
  • Top: chocolate (this not a typo)

What are you known for?  In my community and neighborhood, mostly as Sydney, Meredith, and Liza’s mother. When you have three awesome daughters who have grown up playing sports, babysitting, coaching and more, you’re associated with them, and it’s a privilege.

Professionally, I’ve been referred to and called, “the LinkedIn Lady.” I’ll leave it at that.

What would your last meal be? A bottle of good wine, a tasty cheese that my husband selected (he always chooses the tastiest varieties), a warm baguette, olives and then a homemade chocolate eclair or cannoli.

If you won the lottery what would you do with your money? I would infuse Intero Advisory with additional capital to expand our team, buy an old warehouse and work with our current landlord, FM Harvey to renovate the space into an awesome office for us and co-working space for local business artisans.

I would financially support Itineris, a local nonprofit and Grace Fellowship Church’s Make + Multiply campaign, save for retirement and our grandchildren’s educations, pay off our mortgage and buy a 25’ RV (I love RVs) so we could travel throughout the country and have a place to live while our house is being renovated.

What is one thing you wish people understood about your job? When people are ready to take their personal brand seriously, do the hard work to expand their platform and are committed to their careers, we’d be delighted to help them.

Please note: this is the last Thursday post that will be public on our blog. Please check out our new membership offering, in:side, where our quick tips will be available!