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My homepage is a frenetic playground of noise and activity. I much prefer my Sales Navigator Home Page where I receive information and updates from the people and companies I have chosen to save as Leads and Accounts, or that fits my sales preferences. Now, that’s not to say this homepage can’t get out of hand, however, if focused and nurtured properly it gives you a continual stream of clues and conversation starters.

With a variety of filters to choose from, you can further refine what you see. From sales alerts to job changes, to Lead and Account shares and news, you will keep on top of what’s important to the other person or company you are working with or prospecting.

The homepage default is Top Updates and is curated from what you might be interested in based on your sales preferences and activity. You will also notice that LinkedIn gives you additional clues on how to start a conversation. Maybe you share a common LinkedIn group, work experience, or attended the same school.

On the right side of your homepage, you will see Recently Viewed, and you can easily click on profiles and companies that you’ve viewed recently. Under Recently Searched, you can also jump to results from your recent searches.

You can also share an update to from Sales Navigator and share it with everyone on LinkedIn, just your connections or someone in particular. If you are working in Sales Navigator regularly, this will save you a click or two.

Get familiar with Sales Navigator homepage and maximize what you learn to enhance your calls and meetings.

Stay accountable using your Social Selling Index score top right on your homepage and become more efficient and effective today. We dive into this and more on in:sideso be sure to check out in:side and see how you can increase your LinkedIn Mastery.

Starting this week, early November 2018, we will continue to publish on Tuesday, and our Thursday quick tips and how-tos will now exclusively be available only to our in:side members. We encourage you to check out in:side so you can continue to read and apply our best practices. With more than 500 posts over the last few years, our insight will continue to inform and educate you on the best way to think about and build your brand and network to help you gain greater attention.