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Sales Navigator: It’s Not Only for Active Prospecting

When people think of Sales Navigator, they think of prospecting. While active prospecting is the main reason sales teams implement Sales Navigator, there are so many other ways they can benefit from this tool, especially with recent updates and new features LinkedIn has rolled out. 

In addition to providing you with greater visibility into your target audience— locally, regionally, or nationally— Sales Navigator also wants to help you be a more effective consultative salesperson.

Between the curated home feed, the highlights on individual profiles, and the insights on the company page, you can understand your future customers quicker than ever. This leads to more intentional conversations instead of stale, uninspiring pitch meetings. With access to your prospects becoming more challenging, strong sales teams need to maximize the data at their disposal.

Having a strategy and using these features intentionally is key to maximizing your time spent on Sales Navigator. 

Six features your sales team should be leveraging:

  1. Company Insights

Insights provide an overview of the changes and current health of a company. Employee count, tenure, employee distribution, headcount growth by function, new hires including senior management, and job openings can help paint the picture and allow your teams to ask poignant questions. 

  1. Account Alerts

Account alerts consist of recent and vital alerts related to the company. You can see updates shared and articles posted. Use these alerts to help you stay informed on company activity, connect with recent hires and new decision-makers, and stay updated on growth changes. 

  1. Account Mapping

A more recent feature added to the company page, account mapping allows you to organize your saved contacts within a company in a customized hierarchy. 

This feature can help you visualize your best path, who else you need to meet or be introduced to, and see who is recommended based upon your LinkedIn activity.

  1. Curated Home Feed

Your Sales Navigator home feed differs from your LinkedIn home feed in that it only consists of updates and alerts of people and companies you’ve saved. As we wrote about previously in a quick tip, the LinkedIn home feed can distract and impact your efficiency on LinkedIn.

Using this information can set you apart from others because you can create authentic engagement and reference recent company news to show your level of knowledge about your target audience. 

  1. Highlights

Sales Navigator wants to make it as easy as possible for you to create meaningful relationships. If applicable, you can see three highlights on someone’s profile. 

The first is “What You Share In Common.” Here you’ll find mutual connections, if you worked at the same place, went to the same school, and so on. 

Next, you’ll see “Your Best Path In.” You may not have known that you and your target prospect share a connection that could help add to your credibility or for you to ask for an introduction.

The final highlight shown is “Recent Activity on LinkedIn” within the last 30 days. Recent activity can show you what is important to them. Maybe it exposes a business challenge they are having, what resonates, or a competitor that they are using.

  1. Smart Links

Smart Links allows you to create, package, and share documents and presentations within your Sales Navigator account. You’re able to track viewing behavior and see metrics on what your prospects are most interested in, helping you follow up accordingly and improving content to increase views, opens, and action taken.

It is important to note that this is only available on the Enterprise and Teams subscription levels.

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