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LinkedIn’s default setting is to update your headline with the title of your current position and company name, however, this won’t make you stand out from the crowd. You may be wondering what components your headline should actually include if you want to be unique or original, and be one step closer to taking your profile from completed to above and beyond.

Your headline is viewed by everyone. Not only are the people who go  to your profile seeing it, but it appears with your name when you post on LinkedIn, when someone searches you (this could be a recruiter, or prospective client), and it even appears in the messaging app. Like your profile picture, your headline makes a first impression, so make it count! Here are three components I believe everyone should have in order to stand out. 

  1. Consider your audience

Most likely,  you are using your LinkedIn profile to build a professional presence and network online. This means you are using your profile for a purpose. So, who do you want to attract to  your profile? If you’re looking for a new career, use words that call out your skills. If you’re in business development, use words that attract the people that you are looking to add to your client list. Call out your specialties to attract the right people to your profile.

  1. Showcase Your Value

Like considering your audience,  you want to grab the attention of the person that has come across your profile, whether it is in their feed or during an actual search. Instead of just having your title and company name, consider writing a sentence that contains what makes you the best of the best. 

Imagine you are competing against someone else for a position. What one sentence summarizes why you are different than everyone else? What is important professionally about what you do that you think everyone should know? For example, if you are a marketing professional looking for a new opportunity, consider: Content Enthusiast | Creating Compelling Content that Increases New Business Opportunities.

The only limitation is staying within the 300 characters!

  1. Be Creative

Your headline has the opportunity to be different from the millions of other users on LinkedIn. Find ways to brainstorm and put together different renditions of headlines that will make people think WOW. 

Even if you have created your own headline for LinkedIn, it currently may be as basic as XYZ Position, Company | Company Tagline. While this is a great start, you may not be standing out from your other fellow LinkedIn users who  could have a similar set up. Take the time to consider what you do, and what makes you unique. Do you have a special license or certification? Remember, the more you can be original, the better chance you have at making a lasting impression!

If you have just read this and think “oh no, what’s my current headline on LinkedIn…?,” then you may want to head over and make some changes! Just click on the blue pencil on your profile directly underneath your background image!

If you want more tips on how to stand out on LinkedIn and further your professional opportunities, head over to to explore our wide variety of content that will make sure you look good on LinkedIn.