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I knew I was busy. Just how busy? Now I know!

I recently received an email from LinkedIn with some of my LinkedIn Recruiter user “stats” and I was fascinated to find out how I stack up against the average user.


The truth is, LinkedIn Recruiter is a tool that must be used constantly if you ever want to master it. It has taken every bit of the last 3.5 years for me to get to this point; persistently learning how to best utilize LinkedIn Recruiter and all of its tools, maintaining contact with candidates across so many different locations and industries, keeping up with each change and product update in LinkedIn and continuing to hone my skills as a communicator, interviewer and recruiting strategist.


It’s good to know that candidates are vetting me as well, as they should be. Your next opportunity isn’t going to be placed in your lap, so doing the legwork of researching companies and who is contacting you is extremely important during the process. I hope that the valued contacts that I’ve met over the years will continue to reach out and use me as a resource when the need arises.


It’s been a wild ride thus far. I’ve exchanged messages and spoken with so many fascinating and talented people: a college student pursuing opportunities with the FBI, a political writer and consultant that has advised on several very high profile campaigns, a designer who was moving cross country to be closer to the love of his life, a marketing pro who, I uncovered after 30 minutes of conversation, is in a beer club with my cousin! I share all of this to say #1 I love my job, #2 there are interesting stories and talent all around us, and #3 we are all connected. LinkedIn just makes it that much easier to get in touch.


It’s definitely interesting to see my work laid out in numbers, but it only momentarily distracted me from my mission to keep finding great talent and discovering what they have to offer. And that’s really what it’s all about for me – creating connections and opportunities.