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It seems in the three weeks since I wrote my quick tip on Active Status, one of LinkedIn’s newest features, they made an update to the Active Status feature. If you aren’t familiar with the Active Status feature, check out my original post.

Here’s what I’ve noticed. If the active status notification is a green ring with a white center like the image below, it means the person was active on their mobile device. When you click on a specific message thread, it will tell you when they accessed the LinkedIn app on their mobile device. For instance, see the below images. I can see when each of those people were active on the LinkedIn app. While that information really doesn’t help me, it is interesting to know when they were on the LinkedIn app.

Like I mentioned in my original post if there is a green circle, it means they are currently active on the desktop version of LinkedIn. Once they’ve logged out or closed that browser, you don’t have the information as to when they were on LinkedIn.

I will say in quickly scrolling through many of my client’s LinkedIn message centers, I’ve noticed more green rings with white centers than green circles. It’s not surprising that more people are using their mobile devices to access LinkedIn, however, it gives a little bit of insight into what they might be doing while active on the app since it is a lite version of LinkedIn.

Are you seeing more people active on LinkedIn through the desktop or on their mobile devices?