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During a recent coaching session, I noticed my client, Keith Hartman, added two entries to his LinkedIn profile that stood out. These entries are not the typical profile content that we see; they are interesting because they help to illustrate how he thinks about his learning, talents and skills. It is a simple, but very unique idea that says so much more than the buzzwords that fill out most profiles.


In the Education section, he included all of his professional training through the years. This demonstrates that Keith is a lifelong learner, focused on expanding his knowledge, skills and passions. ( And today, it’s easier than ever to pursue additional and ongoing training with online courses.)


Then, lower on his profile, he used the Test Scores section, which is originally designed for students and young professionals to post their test results, and added the results of several professional and personality assessments from a variety of well recognized assessment organizations. For people familiar with these assessments, it tells a story and provides tremendous insight into who Keith is. I better understand how I will talk and engage with him from noting this information. Brilliant.


Adding his courses and evaluations to his profile highlights Keith’s background, and shows more about how he relates to the world and his transparency. This is exactly how LinkedIn wants its members to think about and use their profile creatively and informatively.

If you read Keith’s profile Summary, you have a complete view of the person you would connect with, meet and potentially work alongside. Kudos to Vistage’s Keith Hartman for turning his LinkedIn profile into more than a resume!

How can you add more value to your LinkedIn profile? Get creative and think about the assets available to you.