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The Difference Between Paid Ads vs. Organic Content on LinkedIn

Have you seen this week’s video walkthrough?

This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows how to spot the difference between an organic ad and a paid ad in the newsfeed. Organic posts are more likely to appear in the feed of people you are connected with and follow you. A paid ad, however, enables companies to maximize their reach, increase their brand awareness, and even drive leads.

Organic posts are free posts by a company that leverages its content to build brand awareness, showcase culture, promote events, and/or share industry knowledge. Organic posts are visible on the company Page under “Posts” but can also appear in the newsfeed of followers when they are posted.

Paid ads, also known as Sponsored Content, appear only in the targeted audience’s newsfeed. They are most recognizable because they will have the word “Promoted” directly under the company name in the post. Additionally, they typically contain a call-to-action button that is hyperlinked, taking users to another location outside of the post.

Sponsored content can appear in four different formats— a single image ad, a video ad, a carousel ad, or an event ad. It is also important to note that only companies are able to boost their posts through paid advertising, not individuals.

Being aware of the difference between a paid ad and an organic post on LinkedIn and understanding how paid ads can help you meet your company objectives on LinkedIn is a critical component of your overall LinkedIn strategy. Paid posts should only be used in conjunction with regular, organic posting to ensure the best results and a return on investment.

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