Don’t Pause Your LinkedIn Outreach in July

Everyone is asking, “Should we pause our LinkedIn outreach in July?”

According to AAA, a record-setting 46.9 million Americans are expected to hit the roads, rails, and sky for the 4th of July holiday.

Considering this stat alone, it’s a valid question. And since so many people have asked that question over the last ten days, I thought we should address it straight away.

Some people, including those who you call your ideal prospects, use a long weekend or month like July to catch up, regroup and pay attention. It may be when you catch a brief moment of their attention.

Business continues, even in the summer. There are plenty of people who still need to fix issues, hire people, move, need capital, etc. and don’t want to wait until September.

Yes, people may head out early, and slow it down a bit, but they are still running their businesses and finding new opportunities.

Rather than thinking about closing up shop and heading to the pool because everyone else is, try to reach some of those folks who are hard to reach and see if they have some time for a round of golf, coffee or phone call. If someone values knowing you and appreciates what you do, it’s likely they will find time for you. Just think, even if you landed two or three more phone calls and they’re with the right people – that’s a win. Those calls may lead to a new step, or a new opportunity, even if it’s a referral partner.

I’m not suggesting you don’t enjoy the sunshine and blue skies. Instead, enjoy them AND bring some new people into your orbit so that, when Fall comes and it’s time to ramp up, you’re focused on following up, not finding new opportunities.

So, to those who ask, “Should we pause our LinkedIn outreach in July?” Hell no! In some way, stay in front of people, even if it’s a soft touch and a message or two, and some social posts. The alternative  – out of sight, out of mind – happens overnight these days.

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