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Need Help? Intero Advisory blog

Several times a week, Lindsey and I are asked by someone to get together to talk about LinkedIn. It’s usually preceded by, “Can I just ask you one question?”

With all that is happening in LinkedIn these days, one question leads to another. The crazy part? We love sharing information and insight about LinkedIn and would do it all day, every day. The hard part? Time and complimentary advice are costly. Time is a limited resource and free advice is rarely heeded.

We want to be helpful. Believe it or not, we actually like sharing knowledge. The down side for all consultants is the fine line between being helpful and giving things away. We hate saying no, we often don’t. We discuss this with all of our colleagues in an attempt to find a win-win and decided to share some ways to engage and get your questions answered.

Here are seven ways to access us and our LinkedIn insight.

  1.  Search our site, Intero Advisory. We write and talk  rather prolifically about LinkedIn. We probably have already answered a larger question you might have. Many of our blog posts are quite specific in nature, good for specific how-to questions. We also have a LinkedIn resources page with several PDFs and documents to download.
  2. Stay up-to-date with us.
  3. Come to one of our many networking engagements. We are invited and participate in many lunch and learns, networking, and community events. It’s a great way to see if  what we talk about resonates with you.
    • See a list of where we will be this fall,  check for frequent updates.
    • We are working on our 2014 calendar as we speak.
    • As much as we wish we could do more of these, we do need to balance these speaking engagements with generating revenue.
  4. Schedule a call for specific advice and coaching. We use two platforms to provide an easy way for people from all over to engage with us.
    • Clarity allows you to schedule as few as 15 minutes for a small fee.
    • vCita gives you the opportunity to schedule a call to learn more or set up a coaching session. You may hear from Lindsey through vCita.
  5. Sign-up for an open workshop. These workshops are half-day and are scheduled throughout the year and provide an in-depth, interactive LinkedIn boot camp. You will leave knowing way more than you knew you would.
  6. Book us as a speaker. We are LinkedIn evangelists and share the most up-to-date content around LinkedIn specific to your audience and interest.
  7. Hire us for 1:1 coaching, corporate training and consulting. We are trainers and teachers who translate and help you navigate LinkedIn for professional branding, business development, recruiting, and organizational strategy.
    1. Our services and fees for individuals
    2. Our services and fees for organizations
    3. Our services and fees for LinkedIn Talent Solutions

As we continue to grow, we are offering new ways to engage. A new ebook is in progress, we are rolling out a new Community Development program for clients who need ongoing support and cultivation, and potentially podcasts. Later this fall we will test a webinar with CharityHowTo for our nonprofit friends.

We want you to know how to be a good social citizen on LinkedIn. We want you to see its potential, understand its value and realize how you can use it to further you and your professional goals. So don’t be shy, engage with us and understand that a little insight goes a long way.

We look forward to connecting with you.