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When the Intero Advisory professors get asked the same question multiple times, we see it as an opportunity to write a Quick Tip blog post. Chances are high that you may have the same question too.

Our clients are posting more and more content on LinkedIn, which makes us really happy. Unfortunately, when we begin working together we often realize that all of their LinkedIn activity has either been hidden completely or is only visible to their first degree Connections.

In order to determine if your LinkedIn activity is visible to everyone, go to your Profile and hover over the drop down arrow next to “View profile as”:

LI activity blog 1


“View recent activity” allows you to see your recent LinkedIn activity:

LI activity blog 2

You can see from the screen shot above that my activity is only visible to me. If you do not have the grey bar with this prompt, simply hover over your picture in the top right corner of your screen and select Privacy Settings.


Now, click “Select who can see your activity feed” and change this setting to “Everyone.”

LI activity blog 3


Why is this important? If you are found on LinkedIn, you want people to see that you are active. This signals to people that LinkedIn is a good way to communicate with you. It also gives people a glimpse into what is important to you and maybe a sample of your expertise, depending on what you are sharing.

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