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Have you ever accepted a Connection request from someone on LinkedIn and wondered how you can explore and begin to utilize their network? While it is not as easy to search a Connection’s Connections anymore, there are still ways to gain access to your Connections’ networks and explore potential opportunities.


First, visit the Your Network tab to accept a recent Connection request:


You’ll see your recent Connection requests at the top of the page:


Once you’ve accepted a Connection request, you’ll notice a new dialog box appear directly under your invitations that will list people you may know from your new Connection’s network:

This is a great opportunity to explore their network and learn more about their Connections – your 2nd level Connections.


Keep a few things in mind – to continue to view Connections you may know, you can click on “Next” in the top right corner of the dialog box. You will also want to make sure that you click on a person’s name in order to view their Profile and potentially send a Connection request. Do not click on the blue “Connect” box in the thumbnail. It will send a generic Connection request which we do not ever recommend sending.

So, the next time you accept a Connection request, take the next step and investigate your new Connection’s network. See who else may be worth connecting with!