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Tag on LinkedIn ContentQuick Tips

Posting on LinkedIn: How to Tag People and Organizations

Did you miss this week’s video walkthrough? This week, Liza walked us through how to tag organizations or people on LinkedIn while creating a post! …

account mapping update SalesSales Navigator

Account Mapping on LinkedIn Sales Navigator: A Practical Q1 Update

Over the last couple of weeks, our team noticed some interesting changes to Account pages on LinkedIn Sales Navigator. When we dove in and reviewed …

resume Profile DevelopmentQuick Tips

How to Add Your Resume to Your LinkedIn Profile

In case you missed it! Yesterday’s video tutorial on our YouTube channel was a walkthrough on how to add your resume to your LinkedIn profile. …

five tips LinkedIn jobs CareerJob Seekers

Job Seekers: Here are 5 Tips on How to Utilize LinkedIn Jobs

Searching for jobs can be incredibly overwhelming. You can apply for hundreds of jobs with little to no investment in the time that you dedicated. …

email LinkedIn LinkedIn EssentialQuick Tips

How to Change Your Email on LinkedIn

This week’s video walkthrough shows you how to change your email on LinkedIn! Recently change jobs, or want more than one email to be attached …

Ten Years Intero Team

Ten Years: The Best Is Yet To Come

As I write a post celebrating ten years in business, I am less than 50 feet from my original perch, where I doodled, mind-mapped, and …

5 years at Intero Intero Team

5 Takeaways from My 5 Years at Intero

As we approach the final week before Intero turns 10 years old, Sydney reflects on the last five years that she has spent with the …

Licensed Partner Intero Team

Leadership Expert Ken Kilday Joins Intero Advisory as Licensed Partner

The Licensed Partner Program uses the It’s Business, Not Social™ method for LinkedIn branding, sales, and recruiting enablement. Intero Advisory, the leader in LinkedIn branding, …

10 years reflection Intero Team

10 Years: A Reflection from the Middle Child

As we continue reflect on 10 years of business at Intero leading up to the 10 year anniversary, this week’s post comes from the latest …

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