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How to Download Your 1st Level Connections on LinkedIn

Did you catch this week’s video walkthrough?

This week’s video walkthrough on YouTube shows you how to download your 1st level connections on LinkedIn. LinkedIn allows you to export your current connections in a CSV file, showing you each person’s first and last name, position, and company they work at. Utilize this file to mark who you want to reach out to, who you want to follow up with, who could be a potential center of influence, and who you want to delete altogether.

Reviewing your network on a quarterly basis enables you to identify gaps as well as opportunities currently in your network. Who is in your network affects the strength of your LinkedIn strategy. Consider that who you are connected to can see your content, can receive a nurturing message from you, and can also make introductions to people in their network who you may want to know.

Downloading your 1st level connections is an easy way to see where the opportunities and gaps may be. Be sure to follow along with this week’s video walkthrough to learn how to easily download your connections on LinkedIn.

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