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Recommendations for Ways to Show You Care

Is there anything that hasn’t been said about Covid-19?

In many of the conversations I’ve had over the last few days, one of the most genuine and thoughtful comments was,

“I find it hard to be strategic when it’s so chaotic.”

Matt Culloty

So true, Matt Culloty. I am sure that is how most of us feel. Each blog post and email remind me that I’m supposed to be strategic, prepared, confident, and ready to respond to a changing situation with clarity and calm.

Got it.

However, few among us are not swirling. It’s okay.

Two different things can exist as real at the same time. Uncertainty and planning. A strategy seems big, looming, too much; however, a plan, a small one, could be the best place to start to create a redefined sense of normal.

Our team packed our backpacks and set up at home. It’s where we’ve been since last Thursday.

We’re keeping it simple and trying to stay in contact with one another and our clients.

We’ve Zoomed, FaceTimed, Slacked, Texted, chatted, and yes, even talked by phone. The visuals on Zoom and FaceTime are my favorite, though. Seeing one another makes a difference.

Tip: Choose a tool and stay with it, preferably Zoom, FaceTime, Go-To-Meeting, or WebEx. Oh, yes, there are more of course.

We’ve decided to ask how we can help. We’re here to help in the areas we know well.

Tip: Ask how you can help.

Ensure your messaging is not salesy. It’s not worth creating more angst or frustration.

Tip: Keep your messages thoughtful and brief. People are short on time and attention at the moment.

My brain is starting to short circuit from all the Covid-19 content. However, if someone sends me an article or recommendation, it goes a LONG way with me. Just the other day, Kevin Spargo, Vice President of Sales, Computer Services Unlimited, Inc., mentioned a couple of suggestions for protecting yourself online while working remotely. We’re following his recommendations. He saved us hours of research and conversation and potentially even a cyber attack.

Tip: Share what you know. Little things to you can make a big difference to others.

Our team sends you our best, be safe and well. Start small.

If we can help let us know.

Colleen, Sydney, Liza, Jim, Meredith, Jody, and Matt

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