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5 Tools to be more productive and work smarter save time

Colleen McKenna, a technology aficionado, shares five of her favorite tools to save time, stay organized, and streamline her work and business. This handy list of apps will provide solutions and enhancements to your workweek in no time. 

Show Notes:

0:00 Introduction 

1:55 The best tool for saving passwords 

2:34 Never miss important details again. Record, transcribe, and save meetings 

4:34 Swiftly fix typing errors 

5:57 The best alternative to GoogleSheets and Excel 

7:27 Staying well-read without straining your eyes   

8:11 Conclusion and how to master LinkedIn with Inside

Top 5 Tools

Keeper https://www.keepersecurity.com

Otter.ai https://otter.ai

Grammarly https://www.grammarly.com

Airtable https://try.airtable.com/

Audible https://www.audible.com

Other links mentioned: 

G-suite https://gsuite.google.com

Calendly https://calendly.com

Zoom https://zoom.us

LinkedIn Sales Navigator https://business.linkedin.com/sales-solutions/sales-navigator#

Intercom https://www.intercom.com

Tim Ferriss’ Book List https://airtable.com/universe/expcERaON2jvkE7tc/top-recommended-books-by-tim-ferriss-guests

Inside https://inside.interoadvisory.com

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