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Your LinkedIn Indifference May Leave Your Company in The Dust

Or, at a minimum, your indifference may leave you further behind your peers and competitors, period. Think about your competitors and peers who embraced LinkedIn and social media with an adventurous mindset, an eye on their best candidates and customers, and interest in learning the nuances of the platforms that resonated with their often fleeting but precious audiences. Consider who hires the best people in your industry and has the best clients. 

It’s all about deciding to re-invent and continually improve.

LinkedIn For Businesses

Over the weekend, I reread a book published in 2017 that focused on recruiting. Today, in the Wall Street Journal, Austen Hufford’s article, Skilled Workers Score Sweeter Perks to Move, looks at what employers and manufacturers, in particular, are doing to attract people to their companies.

Hufford shares that half a million U.S. factory jobs are unfulfilled, the most in nearly two decades, yes, 20 years, and the Labor Department stated that the unemployment rate is at a 50-year low. And, to make it even worse, people are moving around the country at the lowest rate in at least 70 years. 

One human resource professional cited in the article says, “We’re in an era right now that is unlike anything I’ve seen in 25 years as far as recruiting. We are having to really track them down a little bit and schmooze them more than we’re used to.”

From offering to pay relocation costs, offering higher wages, signing bonuses even for hourly positions, Hufford reiterates throughout his article that employers are upping their game, and getting creative.

The question I’m curious in understanding is not what you are going to do to find new people to work with and for you, but rather how long are you going to continue to refute the reasons you can’t hire? How long will it take you to consider your process while it worked in the past is not an indicator of future success? 

Candidate expectations and mindsets have changed. People expect more from their employers, and their current employers are doing more to retain them. They have more choices, including working for themselves. I’ve talked to enough Lyft drivers who have left what would be considered an excellent job to work their own schedule without the drama or politics. People do make those kinds of choices today. 

Don’t imagine this is going to change any time soon.

During the 18 years between 2011 to 2029, about 10,000 baby boomers are expected to reach retirement age each day. 

Yes, the economy will change. I know what happens when the economy swings too far the other way. The people you want working in your companies or on your teams are the best, not the “just okay” people. Good people both as humans and those with the right skill set, motivations, and attitude are everything to your culture and your ultimate success.

I’m not suggesting you follow every shiny object that crosses your desk or invades your inbox. I’m recommending you polish a process that is relevant, compelling, and meets your ideal candidates where they are so they have the opportunity to meet you and decide you and your company may be worth the ride. 

Good luck, you’ll need a bit of that too. 
Are you positioned to hire? No, really are you? Read on to find out.