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Hi, my name is Lucy and I’m the Director of Security at Intero Advisory. That means I mostly meet people at the door and wag my tail. I’m really close to the CEO, Colleen, and she calls me her “companion and confidante,” which I think has something to do with kibbles. Most people think I sleep all day but it’s not true! I can’t sleep because I have to keep listening to Colleen and her pack say the same things over and over about a thing called LinkedIn. I think it’s like a dog park, but for people, and it lives inside the little bright walls they stare at all day.  

They say, as a dog, I only understand 165 words, but I’m good at learning new tricks, and I’ve learned some good ones from listening to everyone in the office talk about the LinkedIn. If you want to be the best dog (or person I guess) that you can be, you should do these things, which I hear all of the time when I’m trying to take a nap.

Lucy’s Top 10 LinkedIn Nuggets

#10 When I want to really stand out to other dogs I don’t just go up to them, I roll in something really smelly first. That way I’m giving off my best impression. So, you should make changes to your LinkedIn profile that are sort of like rolling in something. You know, spice it up for everybody!

#9 Just like with doing tricks and getting treats, it’s helpful to know what your goal is. On the LinkedIn thing, it might help to think about what it’ll get you in the end, and what you want to do with it.

#8 You have to practice doing tricks! You should do your LinkedIn practice 3 times a week for 30 minutes. That way, you’ll get even better at your tricks (I mean, the LinkedIn thing) and you might even get more treats! (I mean, reach your goals).

#7 Lots of people know the same tricks: sit, stay, don’t lick the baby, etc. Teach yourself some new tricks! Be creative and stand out, and you’ll get the best treats for sure. (Colleen also wanted me to tell you that Intero has written a lot about these topics so you should check that out).

#6 Knowing the rules of the dog park is really important to making sure you don’t get anyone’s hackles up. Sort of like why I have to walk on a leash most of the time.  If you jump right into a place like a dog park or LinkedIn without knowing the rules, it could make things worse for you. And worse equals no treats!!!

#5 Get to know who is in your pack before you start having new pack members.  I think Colleen calls them “first level connections.”

#4 Remember those bright little walls that I mentioned earlier? I think they’re called computers. Well, there are even smaller computers which humans usually keep in their pockets. Colleen says that people shouldn’t use the pocket ones for any LinkedIn stuff. The ones that you keep on your desk are the best way to do LinkedIn stuff. It’s kind of like using the backyard when you could go to the big park down the street instead!

#3 Dogs can be pretty fast, but if we go too fast we get tired pretty quickly. Daily walks are better than an hour of really fast running every once in awhile. If I ran like that I wouldn’t be able to walk for a week! I think LinkedIn works like that – you should probably make it a regular habit instead of a fast run that makes you want to sleep.

#2 There are lots of things to do every day like chasing squirrels, sleeping, napping, licking babies, and sleeping, but you should also make time for LinkedIn. Maybe think about taking a nap first and then you can jump on LinkedIn, alert and ready to play!

#1 Sometimes if you share stuff with the other dogs in your pack, it makes the other dogs like you. So don’t forget to share what you know and new things that you learn with the other dogs. Or people on LinkedIn, I guess.

I think that’s how LinkedIn works.  It’s pretty much the same as being a dog. I don’t have a computer though, so I can’t say for sure, but Colleen is pretty smart and she says these things all the time, so it’s probably good to think about.

Okay, well, I have to go to sleep soon, so it’s time for my pre-sleep nap.  If you have any questions about what I shared you can email Colleen and she’ll tell me about it. I’ll try to respond to everybody, but I do have a lot of sleep I need to catch up on. I’m down to 16 hours a day!

So, roll into 2016 ready to fetch what is yours.



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