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Your Recruiting MVP Makes a Difference

Sitting in my office just a few miles from the Baltimore Ravens Training Facility, I’ve watched and read about LaMar Jackson being named this year’s NFL MVP.

It got me thinking.

Typically, we think of the CEO, Founder, President, or Owner as the MVP. They are the face of the business, the visionary, the risk-taker, and the one who leads others toward the light.

What if we expand what MVP stands for? Every most valuable player masters Mindset-Vision-Positioning.

You may still think this should go to the CEO, Founder, President, or Owner, right?

Well, what about your in-house or outsourced recruiter or hiring manager as the MVP?

This person or group of people is tasked with attracting, onboarding, and retaining talent, and their job is harder than ever with an unemployment rate under 4%.

In many small to mid-sized companies, attracting and retaining talent is heaped on top of someone’s “real” job, and while doing a bit of everything is part of the SMB ethos, it also means that the effort is usually fragmented and diluted.

If that’s the case, then the results may be fragmented as well.

Building a network that includes people who could potentially work for or refer people to your company is critical.

Identifying and starting a conversation with your ideal candidate is far more gratifying than posting a position and waiting for people to apply.

Recruiting needs to be a significant focus in all organizations and have a tested process similar to other areas of your business.

We see people buying applicant tracking systems and tools like LinkedIn Recruiter without a strategy or understanding of who will be the champion or implementer.

And, beyond your recruiting and hiring manager, every person in your organization is a recruiter. They all have networks that include former colleagues, alumni, industry experts, smart, interesting people who also know people.

I recently spoke about the idea of Mindset-Vision-Positing on a webinar with Lynda Wilner Katz, a Professional Development and Soft Skills Specialist and Founder of Successfully Speaking. Lynda works with HR professionals and understands their challenges. She asked me to join her to discuss the particulars regarding Mindset-Vision-Positioning for HR professionals and help them enhance their brand personally and for their company.

To watch the webinar, email me at with the subject line: SEND ME the WEBINAR, please!

Recruiting is a team sport requiring everyone to build and leverage their individual networks.

If you realize you don’t have the recruiting horsepower you need or need to understand better what the heck I’m talking about email me about that too with the subject line: I NEED RECRUITING HELP!

I want to thank Lynda Katz Wilner for inviting me to her new webinar series. The upcoming lineup is impressive, check it out!