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When LinkedIn acquired Lynda.com in April there was a swirl of press, speculating LinkedIn’s motivation considering this was the fourth largest deal in social media history. It moves LinkedIn into the education technology arena, a powerful space. LinkedIn’s mission to connect people and jobs on a massive scale combined with the changing landscape of how people learn, study and advance their professional career comes to the forefront with this acquisition. I think it’s a brilliant move for LinkedIn.

I can now go to LinkedIn >> Interests >> Online Learning and go right over to Lynda.com. I can then log into Lynda.com with my LinkedIn login information. It’s pretty simple and seamless. I can then determine what I am interested in and take the course.

Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.33.37 PM

Online Learning


Lynda.com dashboard

I’ve taken three or four excellent Lynda.com courses. Many of these courses will likely have a certification attached to them in the future and, once you receive the course certification, you will be able to add it to the Certification Section of your LinkedIn Profile with only one additional click. This will be a great way to continue your professional development, add new credentials to your LinkedIn profile and increase your marketability. It’s a win-win.

You may even see this promotion on your LinkedIn profile. Take advantage of 21 free days of knowledge.

Lynda.com on LinkedIn

Keep an eye on this and watch how LinkedIn continues to expand their integration with Lynda.com. In the meantime, head on over to Lynda.com and take a look at their course offerings. There is something for everyone.


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