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LinkedIn’s recent Profile updates increase visibility for people and companies. People, by nature, are visual and LinkedIn, like other platforms, is becoming increasingly visual. You have the opportunity to connect more dots and further your branding if you take advantage of these LinkedIn changes.

You are more transparent than ever. Use it to your advantage.

Remember, all LinkedIn updates roll out randomly over time, so there is a chance that these updates will not currently be applied to your Profile. Hang tight. It’s on its way.

This is the new LinkedIn Profile look. Notice that several of the items formerly on the right rail are now up top.


Profile Updates on LinkedIn

Five LinkedIn Profile update tips:

#1 View your recent activity—you have some recent activity, right?

#2 Pay attention to the people viewing your Profile—is there anyone you should reach out to?

#3 How many people are paying attention to your posts, comments, likes and shares?

#4 This is where it gets interesting. Under “People you may know” notice LinkedIn is now showing you the person’s name and their LinkedIn photo. If you don’t have a photo on your LinkedIn profile you will appear as a silhouette as shown above in the top right. You don’t want that. If you have a photo uploaded and it’s not appearing, go to your Settings >> Privacy >> Edit Public Profile >> Click the box for Picture.

#5 This is where you add a status update or click the pencil and add your long-form content.

LinkedIn Company Page View

What I really like is how LinkedIn is now showcasing your Company Page. Hover over the logo and notice how a view from your LinkedIn Company Page appears. You can now see the hero image and the people who work at the Company. If you have jobs posted through LinkedIn, they will also appear (see Vistage). This allows you to showcase your LinkedIn Company Page in a more compelling way. If you don’t have a logo, hero image and other content filled out, you are not maximizing the branding opportunity that LinkedIn provides.

Company Page LinkedIn

Vistage LinkedIn Company Page

The more visual LinkedIn becomes, the more critical your images become. They serve to inform others about you and your company and present you and your company in the most favorable light.

Spend a few minutes and review how you look with this new update from Linkedin. If you don’t have it yet, keep an eye out for it.

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