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Taken by Beatrice Murch (blmurch)

Last May, a colleague of mine, Lindsey Stemann, wrote an article regarding the “5 Ways to Expand Your LinkedIn Company Footprint.” The post primarily focused on how to increase your LinkedIn company awareness online. Today, I’d like to expand upon this article and discuss five ways to increase company page awareness through your everyday correspondence with people. I believe this post is beneficial to anyone who’s been put in charge of increasing their LinkedIn Company Page awareness, as well as, businesses looking to get the word out about their new LinkedIn Company Page.

1.  Business Cards

If you’re like many of us, the exchange of business cards is still the natural first step to almost every face-to-face interaction you have in your business. With so many business cards being exchanged on a daily basis, consider including your LinkedIn information on your business card. I also suggest taking things even one step further and adding in your organization’s LinkedIn Company Page URL.

2.  Email Signature

Your email signature is also prime real estate to showcase your LinkedIn Company Page. If your organization has launched its LinkedIn Company Page, let people know in your email signature. Invite them to take a look and to join the page.


Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 10.48.02 AM

This example is great because it pops out to the reader and gives them a clear reason to click and take action.

3.  Other Social Media Sites

Do you mention your LinkedIn Company Page on Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus? If not, you should. Your other social sites are a great place to reference your LinkedIn Company Page.


Use the “About” section on Facebook to alert Facebook visitors of your presence on LinkedIn. Although Facebook doesn’t provide a place to directly insert your LinkedIn URL, you can always add the URL in your “Description” section, as we have done below.


Similar to Facebook, Twitter doesn’t allow a specific place for you to enter your LinkedIn Company Page information. You can, however, list the company page URL in the “Bio” section of your Twitter profile.

Google +

Google Plus does allow a place for you to easily insert your LinkedIn Company Page URL. Just click on your company’s “About” tab. Towards the bottom of the page you’ll see a section entitled “Links.” There, you can edit and insert your Company Page URL.

Screen Shot 2014-09-22 at 2.48.39 PM

Other Social Sites

Don’t forget all of the other social sites that you can potentially add a link to your LinkedIn Company Page. Blogger, Tumblr, and Instagram are just a few of the other sites that you may want to consider.

4.  Signage

Do you have an actual brick and mortar store that clients or customers can visit? Or, maybe you frequent trade shows and events where you use a banner. If so, consider including your LinkedIn Company information on actual physical elements.

You can include your Company Page URL on things such as:

  • Stickers that could be put in a window or on your front door
  • Table tents dispersed throughout your location
  • A banner that you hang either in your location or off premise at various events
  • Brochures that are given away at various events, etc.

5.  Mailers

Finally, if you are mailing out pieces of marketing materials, such as newsletters, catalogs, or magazines, be sure to clearly alert your readers of your LinkedIn Company Page. Try to put the URL in a visible area and once again, don’t forget to have a clear call to action, asking the reader to join to the page.



I hope these steps give you additional ammunition to really get the word out about your company page. As you begin to gain more followers, it becomes even more important to keep them engaged. Please take a look at my recent post on how to “Increase Company Visibility on LinkedIn” for tips on how post content and engage your following on LinkedIn.