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posted on February 11th, 2013 in Branding,Career,Development,Hiring,Training; 21 Comments

I so appreciate the questions people ask me about LinkedIn, it’s like having a lab where I, too, can learn and then share. Questions come from both beginners and experienced folks who are working to make LinkedIn a part of their day. But sometimes, along the way, you click too fast and post a comment or share an article you did not mean to.

The other day someone called me about a mistake and need a band-aid for it.  This person had received a message in his LinkedIn Inbox and wanted to respond to the sender.  But somehow, rather than hit REPLY to send a private message back to the sender, he must have inadvertently clicked back to his own profile and posted his response to his status updates.

Clearly he did not want this correspondence to be posted on his home page as an update for all his connections to read.

So what to do if you post something as a status update and don’t want it there?

Well, you can post another status update immediately and it will become the top update. However, the first update–the mistake–will still be there.

The best thing to do is delete your update, here’s how.
Share on LinkedIn

You can delete a comment you did not mean to post.


 Want to delete a comment? Here’s how.
Edit Your Comments on LinkedIn

You can edit a comment you make on LinkedIn


 Remember these things if you share on LinkedIn and you didn’t mean to:

  1. Know it’s not the end of the world. People you are connected to will NOT think you’ve lost your mind. Everyone has done the same thing: clicked SHARE and then realized that’s not what he or she wanted to share.
  2. Don’t not share on LinkedIn moving forward because you made one mistake. Move on, everyone else has.
  3. Realize that most people won’t even notice. There is so much content being continually posted that if your post doesn’t immediately speak to someone, they will just move on.
  4. Learn from your mistake. If you clicked and posted something in the wrong place, either write it down or make a mental note of what you did. If it worked, do the same so you build your confidence.

Not sure you have the fortitude for posting and sharing content? Don’t think it’s important? Read LinkedIn’s take on it; we will cover that more in our next post.

LinkedIn gives you multiple ways of doing things and of finding information, people, comments, companies, etc.  If you make a note of how to post or comment or whatever your currently LinkedIn quest, it will help keep you out of what you might consider an embarrassing situation and will help you become more confident about participating on LinkedIn.

Just the other day when working with someone, I posted an article without commenting on it and with no context for why I posted it. It’s not something I would ordinarily do so I just popped up another, more relevant article and didn’t give it another thought.

Just keep calm and post on.

Don’t forget check out our other posts for tips and ways to engage on LinkedIn.

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Currently there's 21 comments on “Post, comment, and share on LinkedIn — and delete when necessary”

  • Kevin Kardosh

    commented on March 1, 2014

    I have a comment/ query about LinkedIn that I am certain many LinkedIn members share. For the record, I am a HUGE fan of LinkedIn, and advocated incorporating linkedIn as a critical component of the Social media marketing and efficiency methodology to all my clients. I also believe the potential of where LinkedIn can grow to in terms of enhancing our businesses and life is only nascent.

    However, one area that I am bemused and puzzled as to what the logic was is in regards to managing our connections databases in LinkedIn. While I like some of the ‘new’ connection management feature; by and large, it has been a huge devolution/ step backward from what we had. I can’t understand how they would not have seen merging new features is superior than a retrograde move backwards.

    Does anyone else have an issue with the convoluted way we now have to access contacts? I constructed a myriad of groups and sub groups to be able to – both – access, and communicate with my contacts individually and in groups.

    Now, I cannot even access 1/ 10th of my contact network (which is well over 2,000).
    I would have suspected there would have been some significant ‘blow back’ from this change (the logic eludes me).

    At the very least, I should be able to search alphabetically (at least keying in ‘a’ and getting a list of all my contacts where their last names start with ‘A’! What happens when we are not 100% certain on the spelling of the name? We can’t find them (any I also note many groups don’t even show up when I search them – which I have heard is a problem for others as well). Under the current search/ sort system, I have pretty much lost access to most of my contacts (I can’t sort by any criteria and have access to all the members in the groups or even alphabetically, as I mentioned).

    Now, I actually do not know how it works. I believe access is linked to activity from the previous communications with individuals – i.e. they are accessible chronologically in our searches if we have communicated with them in the recent past; then, they drop off.

    The reason I am sharing this with you is based on your expertise with LinkedIn as a valuable resource and your understanding as to the potential and how to maximize the resources available.

    I, for one, would like to see the previous functionality back, and – then – maximized (not replaced for something that is inferior). Also, if I am missing something in regards to the current system being superior, can you offer me some guidance as to how I can achieve a better outcome??

    Colleen, I am grateful and appreciative for any pearls of wisdom you are willing to share.

    Conversely, if there is anything you think I can do in reciprocity or that can help you regardless, it would be my privilege – Kevin Kardosh, Chrysalis Solutions

    • Colleen McKenna

      commented on March 9, 2014


      I agree with many of your points, there are definitely some upgrades I would like to trade in for an earlier version.

      Have you noticed in Network
      Sort by Recent Conversation (note the drop down arrow next to Sort by Recent Conversation)
      and see you can select First Name, Last Name, New

      That may help you sort better and then note next to it Filter.

      I do think these work well.

      Let me know if this works for you.

      Thanks for reaching out.

  • Pengertian

    commented on June 23, 2014

    This article adds to my knowledge

  • iConversing

    commented on January 2, 2015

    Thanks for the tip Colleen!

  • Jiri

    commented on February 13, 2015

    Realy nice blog-now don’t forget to look at my website

  • pradip

    commented on April 20, 2015

    I have encountered some problem like whenever I try to put comment on someone’s update it is not happening.please advise

  • Veronica

    commented on May 28, 2015

    Why there is no option to delete your comment on any post apart from group and discussion. Because of this drawback I am facing a huge problem. Please suggest me a way to delete comment from post.

    • Alicia Dodd

      commented on July 15, 2015

      Our apologies for the delay. If you click on the down arrow on the right hand side of the post you can click delete. This will allow you then to delete the comment that you made. Hope this helps.

  • Pierre

    commented on June 23, 2015

    Good morning Coleen! Thx for helping out the Linked in community. It’s a valuable service you offer to newbies like me. My question is how to control the amount of content I see from other connections about things they like, comment on or share. Some of them are extremely prolific and end up sort of taking over my page so to speak. I haven’t found a way to restrict content to the past week or some other criteria. Some content I see is 45 days old for example. Nor can I find a way to order that content chronologically. It seems to be an all or none situation: totally block a particular connection’s content (which I don’t really want to do) or allow all these prolific posters’ content to inundate my home page. Can you help?
    Thx again! Pierre

    • Colleen McKenna

      commented on July 15, 2015

      Hi Pierre,

      Apologies on the delay, I’ve been traveling and missed your comment.
      The larger your network the crazier your Home Page becomes. Go to your Settings area (top right corner hover over your photo) and go to Account and then Manage Your Home Page: you can manage through there.

      Privacy Controls

      Manage home page content you are hiding

      You can also look at those particular people from your Home Page when they are posting and on the right side it will say BLOCK. You can block their posts.

      I hope this helps.

  • Rufina Riggin

    commented on July 17, 2015

    certainly agree especially with the first paragraph.

  • John

    commented on July 27, 2015

    Why can’t you preview an update to your company page before posting? For instance, my image is bigger than everyone else’s yet I had no idea that was the case until it went live.

    Is there a way to edit an update once shared or do I have to take it down and repost altogether?

    • Alicia Dodd

      commented on July 28, 2015

      Hopefully an image/update preview will be something that LinkedIn adds in the near future. They do currently give you a preview of what a linked article will look like once posted. Also, Unfortunately there is no way to edit a post on your LinkedIn company page once it goes live. You’ll have to delete and then repost.

  • Francisco Guevara

    commented on August 28, 2015

    Hi! i have had a question for so long, One of my connections publish something but i cant share that post, in the case of others´posts i can do it without problems, what do you think is the problem here on LinkedIn? Perhaps a privacy configuration on profile of my connection?

    • Alicia Dodd

      commented on September 1, 2015

      Hi Francisco,

      Did you try refreshing your browser. Sometimes LinkedIn has a glitch and a refresh will allow it to reset. If you are still having troubles, feel free to send us a screenshot.

  • Lorrie

    commented on September 3, 2015

    ok but how do you delete the comment made upon a company’s page. i dont see how to do this?

    • Alicia Dodd

      commented on September 8, 2015

      Are you a company page manager? Please inbox me at alicia@interoadvisory.com for further assistance.

  • jannie

    commented on October 8, 2016

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    • Colleen McKenna

      commented on November 29, 2016

      Thank you for your comment and we hope you continue to read and find value in our posts.

  • Marco Georgiana

    commented on April 19, 2017

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  • rochushop

    commented on May 14, 2017

    good article


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