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Changes to LinkedIn InMails are Coming

Posted on Dec 18 by

Earlier this week LinkedIn sent a notice to members about changes to the LinkedIn InMail policy. These changes will be effective January 1st 2015. It’s a pretty important one...


A Sales Makeover, 35 Tips

Posted on Dec 9 by

I have always been around salespeople. I actually like most salespeople. If they’re any good, they’re hardworking, tenacious, personable, smart and intentional. They, like me,...


Connect Unto Others

Posted on Dec 2 by

  Take pause. Slow down. Figure it out. What kind of a connector do you want to be?    Consider the Golden Rule. Consider connecting. How about? Connect unto others...


Your Candidates Are My Top Priority

Posted on Nov 25 by

I have had a lot of conversations over the course of the last 3 weeks regarding my job; not just what I do or how I do it, but why it is important to me. Last week, I actually had...


Help LinkedIn – I Need a Job!

Posted on Oct 14 by

I was having lunch with a group of people last week and I heard someone mention that their son was looking for a job. So I said, “He’s on LinkedIn, right?” She replied,...


How To Moderate a LinkedIn Group

Posted on Sep 18 by

So you read my last blog post on How to Set Up a LinkedIn Group, you followed the steps, you added a great Hero image, you have some followers…..Now What?


Find Others Through LinkedIn Alumni

Posted on Sep 11 by

  Hokie, Hokie, Hokie, Hy! Tech, Tech, VPI Sol-a-rex, Sol-a-rah Poly Tech Vir-gin-ia Ray rah VPI Team! Team! Team!   Okay, so obviously as a graduate of Virginia Tech, I am...


3 LinkedIn Emails You Need to Know

Posted on Aug 28 by

Just three? Well, there are more, but let’s begin with the three we think are the most important for you to pay attention to. LinkedIn is not a silver bullet. It works as well...


Working with Recruiters: For Companies

Posted on Aug 19 by

There are a few things that companies and recruiters can work together on that make the hiring process run very smoothly. For Recruiters, here are a few things to keep in mind as you begin to work with a new company. If you are a business owner, consider this information as you bring a recruiter in to assist with hiring.


LinkedIn InMaps Being Discontinued

Posted on Aug 14 by

We are sad to announce the news that one of our favorite LinkedIn apps is being discontinued: LinkedIn InMaps.   My colleague, Lynne, shared this email she received with the...


How to Set Up a LinkedIn Group

Posted on Aug 12 by

There are lots of steps to follow and things to keep in mind while setting up a Group on LinkedIn. Here, Lynne Leidy provides you with some helpful tips.


Newsle and Your LinkedIn Network

Posted on Jul 31 by

According to a statement put out on the LinkedIn blog, Newsle and LinkedIn joining forces is a win/win as they share a common goal: "both want to provide professional insights that make you better at what you do." Here is what you need to know about this merger.


What Recruiters Remember

Posted on Jul 29 by

When corresponding with recruiters, there are things (good and bad) that make you memorable. Here are five ways to ensure they remember you in a good way.


Social Media Risk-Reward―You Decide

Posted on Jul 22 by

Each Saturday I look forward to reading Alexandra Wolfe’s Weekend Confidential in the weekend edition of The Wall Street Journal. This week was no exception, and, in fact, Bill...


How to Find LinkedIn Help

Posted on Jul 15 by

Since 2011, we have trained more than 6,500 business professionals. That is a lot of people with a lot of questions. Most questions we can answer because we have worked inside...


Landing Your Professional Messaging

Posted on Jul 8 by

We talk with emerging and experienced professionals every day about how they should best represent themselves on LinkedIn and other online platforms. Often we see people put...


Closing Sales: What You Need to Know

Posted on Jun 24 by

On the heels of my last post,  I’ve been thinking about the right sales process. Is there one? There are thousands of sales trainers sharing a myriad of strategies, tactics...


Increase Company Visibility on LinkedIn

Posted on Jun 12 by

As a Community Architect at Intero, I get the pleasure of helping clients build a company strategy and implement that strategy on LinkedIn. Our clients come from various...


Survive a Layoff … and Enjoy It

Posted on Jun 10 by

© Slidepix | Dreamstime Stock Photos So, you got laid off huh? Maybe you loved your job and are now gripped with the fear that you’ll never be able to find something you love...


Export an Email List From LinkedIn

Posted on May 22 by

We have all experienced it. We work at a company for so long and when a newbie joins the team, they identify gaps, see areas for improvement, and may even solve problems that we...


How to Share Content on LinkedIn

Posted on May 20 by

If you have not been tuned in lately, I hate to have to break it to you, but content is king and LinkedIn agrees. LinkedIn in the past couple of years has positioned its network...


How to View Your Recent LinkedIn Activity

Posted on May 15 by

You’ve been tuned in to the best practices on LinkedIn and you’ve been following the rules – posting, liking, commenting, and sharing on a daily basis. You think you’ve...


Customize Your LinkedIn Home Page

Posted on May 8 by

Next to people’s love-hate relationship with endorsements, we hear from lots of people and clients who say their LinkedIn Home Page makes them crazy. It’s too filled...


The Changing ABCs of Sales

Posted on Apr 22 by

From the time we are little and then far into our adult lives, we hear about ABCs. They mean different things to different people and if you are in sales and business development...


Tips for Maximizing LinkedIn Groups

Posted on Nov 26 by

If I could spend more time in LinkedIn Groups, I would. Actually, I think that will be a 2014 goal. Why?  It’s a sorting mechanism, right? Groups allow us to create, build...


LinkedIn Tips for the Job Hunter

Posted on Nov 21 by

Just keep swimming, Just keep swimming… those were the words of Dory in the movie, Finding Nemo, or more recently, the words from my oldest daughter when I got yet another...


LinkedIn Recruiting: 11 Key Tips

Posted on Nov 5 by

More than 97 percent of recruiters polled by Bullhorn used LinkedIn for recruiting in 2012 and 98.2 percent of recruiters use social media for recruiting. For those who are not...


Why I Closed My LinkedIn Network

Posted on Sep 24 by

Been on LinkedIn a while? Maybe it’s time to rethink your strategy. I did. My LinkedIn network has always been open. All of my connections could see one another, but I was...


Are You a LinkedIn Super Connector?

Posted on Sep 17 by

You notice that there are a couple of different types of connectors on LinkedIn, right? Random Connectors and Intentional Connectors are two I blogged about last week. They each...


Have a Heart: LinkedIn for Good

Posted on Jul 31 by

When things weigh heavy on our hearts, it should call us to action. That’s what happened with me and Colleen when we found out the son of our Virtual Assistant in the...


Why LinkedIn Doesn’t Work

Posted on Jun 17 by

“LinkedIn doesn’t work for me.” “Is your Profile complete? Do you invite people into your network? Do you introduce others? Are you sharing content? Are...