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Beyond the Noise: Approach LinkedIn Strategically in 2024 with Our It's Business, Not Social™ Methodology

It's Business, Not Social™ is more than our tagline. It captures what we believe and differentiates us, and while LinkedIn has changed and feeds are flooded with more social posts than ever, we remain purists, even as we adapt to its changing platform.

Our tagline resonates more than ever as you consider the power and advantage of LinkedIn Sales Navigator - it is all data and all business. It's wise to remember that LinkedIn is free, and the member, you, is the product.

When our clients comment (mostly negatively) about all the nonsense in their LinkedIn inbox and feed, I suggest they check their privacy settings, turn some off, and move to Sales Navigator, where it's all about the data they deem essential for your business development and recruiting. And, yes, there is an associated cost.

What do our clients want/need? To a person, they need more business insight and intelligence and less mind-numbing and gratuitous self-promotional content.

They need:

• More detail and a broader picture of what is happening with their current and prospective customers.
• To build referral networks and look at the collective scope of their leadership team's influence and networks.
• To follow their most important influencers, champions, allies, and competitors.
• To develop presence and relevance and know where to engage appropriately.
• To connect with intentionality and less is often more.

With this scope as the framework and Sales Navigator as the tool, their time is better spent, training and coaching more focused, accountability easier to measure, and the notion of social falls by the wayside.

The It's Business, Not Social approach defines how we will guide them to a better presence and relevance without the hype promised by so many.