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Our Reflection on in:side Group Coaching

At the start of 2020, my team and I introduced online weekly group coaching as part of our learning program in:side. We weren’t sure who would show up or how it would go. We knew that it would be beneficial if we delivered great content and committed people joined in.

When March rolled around, and the world closed down, our group coaching sessions took on a new meaning, and people needed to learn new ways to prospect, engage, and network. Monday group coaching served as an anchor for those in job transition due to the pandemic, seeking new avenues to uncover business opportunities. 

I enjoyed Mondays too. You stay pretty sharp when you lead a group of wicked smart people who have great questions and are looking for the edge that will continue to separate them from their peers.

Like all things, endings are inevitable. After 23 months and over 90 sessions, we wrapped up group coaching with their insight. 

It’s always interesting to hear what people take away from their experiences. What they value and how they apply it. It’s also interesting to understand what inspires them. 

In that spirit, I’d like to share some of their takeaways, favorite quotes, and more. Read on; maybe you’ll have a takeaway or two as well. 

Pam Cusick, Senior Vice President, Rare Patient Voice

Inspiring quote: “People grow through experience if they meet life honestly and courageously.”

Top learning takeaway: Find something specific about the person you are trying to connect with and mention that in the connection request!

Top takeaway from in:side: Networking is amazing!

Practice: Post more content!


Kieffer Rittenhouse, Vice President, Integrated Insurance Solutions

Inspiring quote: “If, at first, you don’t succeed, try again.”

Top learning takeaway: Personalize invites.

Takeaways from in:side: Meeting new people, some even in person.


Deborah Bakalich, Owner, Senior Care Lifestyles, LLC

Inspiring quotes: “To live your life to its fullest, to reach for the goals you have set for yourself, to be the YOU that you want to be…..THAT IS SUCCESS!”

Top learning takeaways: Learned that it is a valuable tool needed for business growth.

Practice: Continuous visible presence.


Joe Greer, Fractional VP of Sales, JGreer Advisors LLC

Inspiring quote: “Gratitude makes Optimism sustainable.” – Michael J. Fox. 

Top learning takeaway: Sales Navigator.

The takeaways from in:side: The people. The anchor to my week.

Practice: Regular, original weekly content posting.


Ken Kilday, CEO + Founder, Leader’s Cut

Inspiring quote: “Make us choose the harder right instead of, the easier wrong, and never to be content with a half-truth when the whole can be won.” -Cadet Prayer @ USMA at West Point

Top learning takeaway: LinkedIn tip: be you and be engaged.

Takeaways from in:side: Greatest takeaway: LinkedIn is constantly changing, and I always have something to learn. Practice: Stay accountable for consistency.


Geary FitzPatrick, Executive Vice President, V&F Office Products

Inspiring quote: “Despite the efforts of many this is not a non-profit organization.” 

Takeaways from in:side: The people I met.

Practice: Update profile.


Madelaine Claire Weiss, Board Certified Executive-Life-Career Coach + Licensed Psychotherapist, MindOverMatters, LLC

Inspiring quote: “Life is what our thoughts make it.” -Marcus Aurelius

Takeaways from in:side: Appreciate overall Linkedin wherewithal and meeting all of you!


Dan Kaplan, Creator, Coach, + Consultant, Be a Confident Communicator

Inspiring quote: “I never lose. I either win or I learn.” -Nelson Mandela

Top takeaway from in:side: Meeting new people.

Practice: Two outreaches per day.


Bruce Kaufmann, Business Consultant + Spreadsheet Expert

Inspiring quote: “If you advance confidently in the direction of your own dreams, and endeavor to live the life which you have imagined, you will meet with a success unexpected in common hours.” -Thoreau

Top learning takeaway: Sales Navigator!

Takeaways from in:side: Networking and practical ways to use LinkedIn effectively.


Tom Fecteau, Owner, Epic Ventures Group

Inspiring quote: “The three components of happiness are: Something to do, something to love, and something to look forward to.” -Dr. Gordon Livingston

Top learning takeaway: Post at least a couple of times a week with original and daily reposts.

Takeaways from in:side: The reminder of core actions puts me back on track as I continually drift.


Kym Martin, Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

Inspiring quote: “Everything should be made as simple as possible, but no simpler.” -Einstein.

Takeaways from in:side: From Intero’s group calls, I’ve made great connections and friends from our gatherings and met new contacts on LI. 

Grateful for the chance to grow my professional and personal circles. Such a pleasure to enjoy these calls together, and we will surely stay in touch!


Julie Chmura, Business Development Director, Elegant Restoration Inc.

Top learning takeaway: Featured section and adding great content.

Takeaways from in:side: The weekly meeting kept me focused and connected with the group.

Practice: Be consistent weekly.


Matt Culloty, Founder, Prositely

Top learning takeaway: Turning off “People also viewed …” functionality.

Takeaways from in:side: The accountability kept me focused on continuing to develop and release new content. I am keeping this hour on my calendar to work directly on LinkedIn and review inside modules.


Jim Ries, Director of Business Development, Offit Kurman, P.A.

Inspiring quote: “Be interested, not interesting.”

Top learning takeaway: Be authentic and be yourself: everyone else is already taken.

Takeaways from in:side: How and why to withdraw old pending connection requests.

Practice: Always be giving first, second, and third.


Kevin Spargo, Vice President, Computer Services Unlimited, Inc.

Inspiring quote: “You can have everything in life you want, if you will just help people get what they want.” – Zig Ziglar

Top learning takeaway: Even if you are an expert on using LinkedIn, you have to constantly adapt and learn new ways to maximize the platform. Colleen and her team are always on top of the latest updates and there to teach you.

Top in:side takeaway: You can’t just be a consumer of information or dip your toe in once in a while on LinkedIn. If you want to build your brand and your business, you have to contribute valuable content, engage your network, and maintain a consistent presence.

Practice: I am going to continue monitoring my Social Selling Index (SSI) and apply the strategies that Colleen has shared through her coaching to improve my rankings.


Tommie Deaner, CEO, tobu advisors

Inspiring quote: “Transformation is not a future event. It’s a present activity.” – Jillian Michaels

Top learning takeaway: Don’t be afraid to do something that scares you – it generally isn’t as scary as it seemed and usually works out for the better.

Takeaways from in:side: Be consistent.  Show up and provide value. Try new things.

Practice: Consistency!

When people come together, good things happen when they join in with a spirit of giving, an open mind, and voracious curiosity. I am grateful for each of those who contributed to our reflection. Several people didn’t make our last session; however, they, too, contributed to our collective learning experience.

How do you show up and contribute to the communities you are a part of personally and professionally. Remember, know, and be known.