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New LinkedIn Recruiter Feature: Candidate Insights

LinkedIn is synonymous with attracting talent and searching for a new role. However, we will be the first to tell you all the other ways to use LinkedIn. The platform has helped so many with sales, branding, thought leadership, professional development, and networking, to name a few. With all of these focus areas, LinkedIn is still a leader and innovator in connecting talent to great opportunities. 

LinkedIn consistently provides resources and avenues to help individuals find jobs and positions itself as the best place for companies to find that next great hire. Utilizing their premium products is critical for companies who want to make the most of their LinkedIn presence. 

A new feature called “Candidate Insights” in LinkedIn Recruiter is critical for all companies to be familiar with. The insights will highlight employees at companies with high attrition rates, poor data inputs on LinkedIn, and high turnover at certain job functions. What would typically be insider knowledge known by savvy talent acquisition professionals is now available to everyone at the click of a button. 

Companies that do not show up well on LinkedIn could be highlighting higher attrition than what is valid for their company, leading recruiters to be more likely to reach their teams. The focused sections are all around the data that users have been providing LinkedIn for years (ex. “this candidate is more likely to leave because of time in the role, “company X is laying off employees,” “company X has had high turnover,” etc.). 

According to Linkedin, 64% of talent professionals see talent insights data as critical to the future of recruiting. This stat is important because LinkedIn isn’t the first to offer these insights to talent professionals. The competition in providing data-driven hiring insights will only continue, and with every innovation or new metric, talent professionals will only become more effective. As with any change, it becomes how your business will adapt. 

How can you address features like talent insights for your company? First, think about how you can leverage this tool for your hiring or what insights you need to gather for your resource planning and talent attraction strategy. Second, how do you get the correct information on LinkedIn to showcase your retention, tenure, and growth. Third, no matter what you do, there are always going to be companies trying to attract your employees or team members away from your organization. Most of the time, employees leave for an internal reason, not because they got a phone call or message from a recruiter. 

If you’re unfamiliar with how to use LinkedIn for recruiting, or are currently using LinkedIn Recruiter and would like to learn more, check out our LinkedIn Recruiting Services to see how we can help. 

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