Linkedin Recruiting Training and Coaching

Have an Intero Advisory expert train and coach your staff to be able to effectively and efficiently use LinkedIn for recruiting. Training options vary after a needs-based analysis.

Packages Tailored To Your Hiring Needs

Intero Advisory’s recruiting team specializes in leadership, sales and marketing positions. We will handle the sourcing, outreach and selection of candidates for you from start to finish. 

We believe in fiduciary responsibility which means we use a flat fee structure instead of percentage-based placement fees. This way you can be sure we are working in your best interest and the candidate’s best interests.

If you are looking to fill a specialized position outside of Sales and Marketing please take a look at our other options or we are happy to recommend other specialized recruiting firms.

This is a great option for those who do not want to invest in a full LinkedIn Recruiter license. We will provide you a list of candidates that fit your criteria with an actionable plan for outreach.

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Eliminate Traditional Hiring Headaches With LinkedIn

At Intero Advisory, we believe in empowering companies to become LinkedIn users. Why? Because there is no other resource that has real-time, up-to-date resumes for public view. Armed with this data companies are able to proactively recruit the top talent in their marketplace, gain insights on how to attract this talent and eliminate the wait and hope of traditional hiring.

A proactive approach to recruiting allows your team to improve the hiring quality of your organization. Sure, you can get lucky with a job posting. However, do you really want to rely on luck? Being proactive means you are prepared, have a plan and a strategy of execution.

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