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Packages Tailored To Your Hiring Needs

We understand that every company has different needs for their hiring process. That is why we offer three customizable and combinable recruiting package options.

Intero Advisory’s recruiting team will be contracted to fill an open position. In this option, we handle the sourcing, outreach, and selection of candidates for you from start to finish

A. Utilize Intero to provide you with a bench of candidates. This is a great option if you are anticipating multiple positions over an extended period of time.

B. If you aren’t getting enough candidates from alternative sourcing methods we can supplement your candidate pool.

Have an Intero Advisory expert train and coach your staff to be able to effectively and efficiently use LinkedIn Recruiter. Training options vary after a needs-based analysis.

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Eliminate Traditional Hiring Headaches With LinkedIn

At Intero Advisory, we believe in empowering companies to become LinkedIn users. Why? Because there is no other resource that has real-time, up-to-date resumes for public view. Armed with this data companies are able to proactively recruit the top talent in their marketplace, gain insights on how to attract this talent and eliminate the wait and hope of traditional hiring.

A proactive approach to recruiting allows your team to improve the hiring quality of your organization. Sure, you can get lucky with a job posting. However, do you really want to rely on luck? Being proactive means you are prepared, have a plan and a strategy of execution.

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