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Did You Know That LinkedIn Ranks as the Most Trusted Social Site?

Even when people mention that LinkedIn feels a bit softer, more social than it used to, it still remains, according to Business Insider, the site people go to for information and I dare say, even news.

Business Insider bases its results on six Pillars: Security, Legitimacy, Community, User Experience, Shareability, and Relevance. 

LinkedIn held the top spot in three pillars and second place in the balance of the other pillars. 

While LinkedIn is often the platform that many dismiss for whatever reason (mostly lack of familiarity), take a closer look at the possibilities for business/client development, branding, and recruiting. 

Where to start? Understand the basics and take it one step at a time. 
Take a glimpse at your profile. Understand who you are connected to or not, watch and listen, decide to be intentional, and increase proximity to people who could help you develop new opportunities.

If you aren’t on LinkedIn, or need help getting started, I encourage you to take a look at in:side, our membership site. Equipped with tools and weekly group coaching sessions, you will be prepared to reach your goals and utilize LinkedIn to its fullest potential.