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Optimizing LinkedIn for Your Job Search

Please use LinkedIn for your job search.

If you have been laid off or furloughed or know someone who has, this blog post and webinar may be of help to you. We created specific content so that you can enhance your LinkedIn presence and maximize your network.

First, watch the webinar led by Jim Cusick, our Director of Enablement. He brings a deep understanding of how people search on LinkedIn and how your profile serves as a way to stand out and be seen by hiring professionals and recruiters.

Many companies are still hiring, and you need to position yourself to be seen.

If you need additional assistance, check out our other blog posts, they will guide and encourage you.

We also created two eBooks that provide more details.

Finally, we invite you to join, in:side for even more goodness.

Our goal is to keep it simple, give you the resources you need in a variety of ways.

We want you to find your next job.

Don’t forget to connect with us on LinkedIn; we all have strong, diverse networks, and our networks will help you expand yours. Send us a note that you read this post, and we’ll be sure to connect.