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Happy Halloween! We’re back to share some of the scariest features and things we’ve seen on Sales Navigator. Spending the majority of our days in Sales Navigator, oh boy, have we seen some things! From crazy search results to even crazier profile pictures, we may have seen it all.


  1. One of the more frustrating things about Sales Navigator is when “something went wrong.” We look at a fair amount of profiles and company pages in one sitting, and without fail each time we are sourcing, when we go to view a profile it won’t load, and a “something went wrong” error message pops up. Not the end of the world, however, I open maybe 10-15 profiles in new tabs at once, so it’s difficult and time-consuming to go back to my main list and do some investigating as to whose profile I missed due to it not loading.
  2. Another recent update is when you go to send a connection request from the list of saved leads, the box where you enter the text no longer expands OR provides the name of the person you are sending the request to. Luckily we are all very detail-oriented and haven’t yet made the mistake of typing the wrong name in the connection request, however, I’m sure it has happened before.


  1. The scariest thing about Sales Navigator would have to be the accuracy of search results. Though I mentioned in the blog post last week how helpful the search filters can be, the results that appear are also scarily inaccurate. Sales Navigator pulls all information from the experience section of a profile. For example, if you want to search for a CEO in an 11-50 company headcount range, your results could be a stay-at-home mom who is the “CEO” of her own Etsy company, who previously worked at a company that has an 11-50 headcount.
  2. Sales Navigator also changes and updates their platform pretty frequently, without notice, which is very scary for people like us who spend every day in it. Trust me, I understand the need and desire to update platforms to keep up with technology and society, but LinkedIn does not notify its users of when they plan on doing so. Last spring, LinkedIn rolled out a whole new look to Sales Navigator that applied to a few clients, but not all. It’s also super inaccurate because one day your account would have a new look and then go back to the old version the next day.


  1. We have definitely seen some scary and incomplete profiles and not just people with low connections and no picture! Spending all day on Sales Navigator sifting through results, I have seen profiles with close-up selfies, anime characters, cartoons, whole family photos, comic book drawings and pictures of dogs (honestly that’s not as terrible). People tend to get creative with their headlines too, I have seen a couple of “CEO at Coming soon!”, “President of retired, traveling and enjoying my life” and my personal favorite “Manager of my own life.” Some people seem to forget that this is a professional networking site and that a professional headshot and an accurate headline go a long way!
  2. The second scariest thing about Sales Navigator is the location feature. Sales Navigator search results pull from any part on the person’s profile, if you were searching for people in Baltimore, MD you will still see results from all over the world. This is the main reason that we have to check countless profiles for each client. There are many times where the person might live in Baltimore, but their company is in New York, California, Taiwan, or anywhere else in the world!


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