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Meet Sydney!

After two years in the market research industry, Sydney joined Intero in January of 2016 when Colleen needed someone she knew well and wouldn’t have to train too much to fill an important role when Colleen’s youngest daughter, Liza, who is also Sydney’s youngest sister, was a week shy of undergoing surgery to remove a brain tumor. A 2014 graduate of Washington College, Sydney graduated with a degree in Psychology. Her background in Psychology, experience in market research, and in her current role allows her to create successful sourcing and outreach strategies to expand and fill prospecting pipelines, garner the attention and elicit responses from ideal leads for her clients. She is always seeking new ways to refine and create even more successful strategies for her clients.

Where is your hometown? Timonium, MD

What are you currently working on at Intero Advisory? I am currently sourcing, doing outreach, and managing email campaigns for multiple clients as well as creating processes and workflows internally. I’m always looking for more efficient and streamlined ways to source, do outreach, and garner the attention of leads for my clients.

How would you explain your job to a child? I look people up on the internet, and if they look good, I send them a message so they can do business with the person who hired me.

If you could redesign the food pyramid without any health restrictions, what would it look like?

  • Bottom tier: Pizza
  • 2nd from bottom: Buffalo chicken dip and/or crab dip
  • 3rd from bottom: Salmon
  • 4th from bottom: Brownies
  • Top tier: Soft pretzel with beer cheese

What are you known for? Being a good listener, which comes pretty naturally as I’d rather listen than talk. According to my sisters, I’m known for being a “hall monitor” aka enforcing the rules my parents set. Again, this comes naturally as the oldest of three.

What would your last meal be? I want to say pizza because I LOVE pizza and eat it WAY too frequently, but my last meal would most likely be grilled salmon with orange sauce, rice, and brownies for dessert.

If you won the lottery what would you do with your money? I would pay my parents back for my wedding, buy a second home in either Islamorada, Florida, Denver, or the Eastern Shore, and travel! My husband and I recently created our travel bucket list so we’d continue to explore and cross those places off our list.

What is one thing you wish people understood about your job?  I wish people understood that I don’t just look at the first 60 LinkedIn profiles for a client and call it a day. We may look at upwards of 200 profiles AND company pages to find 60 good leads for our clients. It takes time, creative searches, and more time to source each week for our clients.


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