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I have a new favorite filter in Sales Navigator! Exclude Viewed Leads. If you aren’t familiar with this filter yet, let me tell you why it quickly became my second favorite filter. I no longer have to remember if I have already viewed that specific person’s full profile before! Talk about a total time saver and for me, it doesn’t get much better than that.

I spend the majority of my day’s sourcing for potential prospects and leads for my clients. Which means I look at a lot of profiles daily. There is no way to remember each and every person’s profile I have already viewed, so with the help of my new favorite filter, I can remove them from my search results entirely. How amazing is that?!

I mentioned it was my second favorite filter. My first favorite, you ask? Exclude Saved Leads. I love this filter as well because there is no point in seeing the same leads in your search results that you have not only viewed but you’ve also saved.

By just selecting those two filters, my search results always consist of new leads that I have not viewed or saved. My time, and yours if you utilize these filters, is used much more efficiently and is not wasted. Please note that “viewed” means looking at their full profile. If you skip over a search result, they may appear in your next search even with those filters applied, as you did not open their full profile.

Try it out, if you are not already using those filters. It’s a game changer! What is your favorite filter or feature in Sales Navigator?