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QuickTipImageShow your work, demonstrate your knowledge, share your professional development.

In April, LinkedIn announced the launch of photo sharing for mobile. LinkedIn’s launches typically rollout out to members over a few weeks. Since this was launched in April 2014, you should have it by now. You’ll be able to share your professional photos in real time and on the move via Android, iOS and the mobile web.

Members who share images with their LinkedIn network are five times more likely to have other members engage with their update. Clicks and pics can be a recipe for professional success.

Notice we bolded professional photos. Don’t muck up LinkedIn with silly, personal or non-professional photos. It won’t be worth it. You’ll annoy your network and diminish your credibility (need some suggestions, click here). Use photo sharing to extend your personal brand, knowledge and network. Like all things on LinkedIn, consider your strategy and what makes the most sense for your network, not you.

We like this, though, and are going to begin to experiment with this new feature. Carefully, of course.

Here’s how you get started.

Open your LinkedIn phone app >> click on Home and you will see this screen.


Tap the rectangular box (circled above) to launch your update.

Click the camera button and choose the photo and add your message. Be brief. If sharing on Twitter, keep within 140 characters.

LinkedIn photo sharing

Decide who you want to share with and send.

If you make a mistake, don’t worry, everyone does it once in a while. When you are just beginning to share like this, take your time, don’t be distracted, and make sure you read and understand what you are doing before you tap your phone.

Try it and see if you create some new conversations on LinkedIn. Let us know if you like it.