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QuickTipImageAs you may have heard LinkedIn has recently acquired the start up Newsle. Many of us here at Intero have been using Newsle for a while now. Newsle is a platform that uses a complex algorithm to find blogs and articles that mention you or people on your radar. Set up is easy, as you choose who these individuals are.  Be it a colleague, boss, prospect, or person of interest.

Both Newsle and LinkedIn released statements on this happy merger. According to a statement put out on the LinkedIn blog, Newsle and LinkedIn joining forces is a win/win as they share a common goal: “both want to provide professional insights that make you better at what you do.” LinkedIn hopes to, “combine [Newsle’s] technology with [LinkedIn’s] core assets and build experiences that continue to make you and millions of other professionals more productive and successful.”


What does this mean for your network? 

Pay attention in the coming months to see how LinkedIn will begin to work even smarter for you with Newsle now a part of the platform. I am hopeful that with this new added capability, you will be able to stay in the know with people who matter to you in a way that extends beyond LinkedIn’s current options to interact with their post, or congratulate/like contacts on a new position or job anniversary.

In the meantime, if you haven’t joined Newsle, I suggest you do so by clicking here.

Once you join, here are three quick tips to get you up to speed with Newsle and how it all “works”:

1.  Set up your account and sync it with your LinkedIn Contacts.

2.  Go to your Newsle settings and change your email notifications to daily, every three days, or weekly. Make sure you check the box in your settings to receive notifications about when you make the news.

 Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.13.49 AM

Screen Shot 2014-07-30 at 11.17.43 AM



3.  Monitor your Newsle emails over the next few weeks to get up to date news items on people within your network.


I am excited to see how Newsle integrates with LinkedIn and will keep you all updated as the Newsle platform is added to LinkedIn in a more streamlined fashion.

Have you tried Newsle yet? How has it helped you with engagement, staying connected, and more?