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ConnectedLast year I wrote about the LinkedIn Contacts mobile app, and since then we have written about LinkedIn mobile quite a bit. Well, it’s time for another update. LinkedIn’s previous Contacts app is now re-imagined and called Connected.

Connected takes the web-version of your network updates, via the Connections tab at the top of your navigation bar, and makes them accessible on-the-go via mobile.

Here are a few pointers as you set up Connected on your iPhone:

  1. Enable notifications: By enabling notifications you will know when to reach out. Connected will notify you about job changes, birthdays, work anniversaries and more things happening in your network.
  1. Sync your mobile contacts: By synchronizing your address book, you will be able to focus on the people who matter with relevant, timely updates. Plus, you have likely done this before with the previous Contacts app or inside LinkedIn.
  1. Sync your calendar: By synchronizing your calendar you will be able to start better conversations with pre-meeting intelligence.

NotificationsSyncCalendar SyncContacts

Don’t be afraid to play. I found the best way to learn how this app functions is to swipe and click through the screens to get a better understanding of where things are located. Here are a few things I have noticed while getting comfortable with Connected:

  • Pull down to get access to settings
  • Click on sections within someone’s profile to read more about them
  • Clicking “View Profile” jumps you into the native LinkedIn app
  • Filters on “Find a Contact” are great to get you to the right people faster

So far, my biggest qualm is that I miss the calendar view from the old app. As they begin to receive feedback on the app, I would not be surprised to see the possibility of this being reincorporated into upcoming iterations of Connected.

LinkedIn is constantly trying to find ways to make our relationships more accessible, more mobile. What do you like about Connected? Let us know in the comments.