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Add Video on LInkedIn
Add Video on LinkedIn: Distinguish Your Company Page

Add video on your LinkedIn Company Page.  A great way to do that is to add video on your Products and Services pages. There is nothing better than showing your services or products in action.

Your LinkedIn Company Page is the collective voice of your organization. It’s where people will see not only your employees but the services and or products you deem most relevant to your business. The busier and more complex your corporate website, the more you can use your LinkedIn Company Page to direct key messages and offerings. From your Services/Products pages let people dig in to more information, including:

  • Details on the service or product
  • A link to your website
  • A link to the service/product page on your corporate site
  • Someone to contact through LinkedIn
  • Video pulled from YouTube
Each of these components provides a different benefit to the viewer, combined they provide clarity and in-depth messaging that, if done well, serves to send people to your or your corporate site to engage with you or buy from you.
Remember in last week’s post we talked about how video brings life to your individual profile, to differentiate you. It’s the same for your Company Page. Differentiate your organization, post video (less than two minutes is preferable), tell your story and learn who is coming to your LInkedIn Company Page.
Add in an offer, a demo, or a specialize message. These incentives will help you measure the success of your video and your Company Page.

How do you add video on LinkedIn to your Company Services/Products Overview page?

  • Go to your LinkedIn Company page (or create one)
  • Click on Services and double click on EDIT
  • Fill out all the steps and when you look to the right of Step 2 you will see a Video Module, add your YouTube video link into the box at the bottom. Your YouTube video will populate. Don’t forget to give it a title (above the video box)
  • Click Publish, top right

The video will display on your Services/Products Overview page

Now go to your individual services/products and double click on EDIT

  • Fill out steps 1-9, Step 10 and 11 are for your video
  • Step 10: Title your video
  • Step 11: Drop in your YouTube link
  • Click Publish, top right

The video will display on the particular service/product page you chose.

Direct people to your LinkedIn Company Page by including a “Follow Us” link on your website, connect your Company Page with your current experience on your individual profile.

Measure. Test what you have added, every couple of weeks review your Insights by clicking on Edit and reviewing your Follower Insights and Page Insights. What is happening?

If you have several videos, change them up, see what resonates.

Build out your LinkedIn Company Page to be as interesting as possible, especially if you are recruiting for new talent and using LinkedIn for business development.