More Than a Resolution

Colleen McKenna LinkedIn Podcaster

On the in:dispensable podcast, Colleen McKenna shares her insights on the growing importance of mastering LinkedIn. She notes that a “top skill for salespeople and recruiters is the agility to use tech to become a better professional.”

Show notes:

0:00 Introduction

0:15 Observations made after ten years talking about LinkedIn 

1:12 Create a stellar, world-class network  

2:27 Marketing efforts need to be well-planned, proactive, consistent 

3:32 Why people don’t realize the true potential of LinkedIn

5:05 Leveraging LinkedIn easier than ever with in:side

6:25 Livestream information 

7:03 Coming up, next week’s episode will cover business tools to use in 2020 

Links :

Colleen’s LinkedIn Page

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