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A Swapcast: Colleen McKenna and Matthew Isales from Sales Stackr Podcast

Colleen shares so much of her LinkedIn expertise with listeners and Matt Isales, Owner of iSales Solutions and Host of Sales Stackr podcast. From how to build and execute a LinkedIn strategy to live streaming, this podcast is chock full of great information for sales and marketing leaders.

Show Notes:
0:00 Introduction
2:07 Colleen discusses her background in sales
5:39 The advantages of using LinkedIn over other social media platforms
9:10 How LinkedIn provides more access
12:26 Why you shouldn’t sell directly through LinkedIn
17:29 The steps Intero takes to kick off a client engagement
20:05 Steps to follow when you’ve downloaded your network
25:49 Setting up your LinkedIn messaging
26:51 Sharing content on LinkedIn
30:58 How you can stay consistent with your LinkedIn strategy?
35:21 How long does it take to see results from your LinkedIn strategy?
38:15 Colleen discusses Intero’s go-to tools 
42:14 Colleen and Matt discuss the personality and sales support app Crystal
46:36 How Intero is getting into live streaming
47:48 Intero’s LinkedIn Mastery program
48:59 Colleen’s advice for growing online presence for sales leaders and business owners
50:54 Colleen discusses her highlights from the interview

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