So, Why Do You Do the Work You Do?

We talk a lot about a person’s “why” at Intero. Each time we write a new profile or interview a new candidate, we are not only evaluating their skills, but seeking the heart of their work.

What resonates more with you when you’re reading someone’s LinkedIn profile; the profile that reads like a resume or one that tells a professional, maybe with a little personal, story? Below are some previous blog posts that explore this idea that your work and your qualifications will not stand out to others if they don’t hold meaning for you.

Living the Dream is Not a Cliche

Your Why is More Important Than Your What

The Anatomy of the “Why”

As the new year approaches, maybe it’s time to take stock and make a few changes; whether that’s your profile or something much bigger.

Our blog posts, tips, and suggestions are accurate at the time of publication. 

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